Audi Laserlight Tech – New Images of R18 LM and Sport Quattro from Audi Motorsport

LEDs are amazing. They are so astounding in ways that lightbulbs could never be. As a solid state, LEDs are as toss-able as a SuperBall versus a delicate 40W Soft White bulb.


As incandescent bulbs no longer meet energy requirements for US manufacture from 2014, it is clear: Lighting is a huge, important place to earn energy savings.

But it can also change your life! LED Light-up dog balls are my personal favorite. Without the searing, pure and consistent light of the internal LED: playing catch in the dark is tricky for even the smartest pups.

Back to Audi’s remarkable deconstructed headlights, and the latest info from the racing team about their performance and illumination at max speeds past 200MPH.

It seems promising. LED tech is evolving so nicely.

Imagine if Solar or Wind or any other energy format had evolved so much since 2007. For technical elegance — LEDs clearly light the way to the future.

Please enjoy these latest images from Audi, as well as the previous article about Audi Laserlight technology here on Car Revs Daily.

Lastly: If you have a dog who likes playing fetch, I highly recommend ordering a few K9 Meteorlites as well. For $12 a piece, they are waterproof and come in many colors. The scrolling ‘disco’ one is my pup Tank’s favorite.

Images thanks to: Audi Motorsport and


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