Ferrari 458 Widebody By Prior Design Adds FXX K Design Cues

Ferrari 458 By Prior DesignBeing a supercar owner is hard work!

You place your deposit or even lock down a full order, then you wait for months and months for the master elves to create it and send it your way. The day finally comes: you have never felt more alive!

But then a year or two passes.

Other supercars have come out since your beauty arrived. And heaven forbid, a complete redesign of the model or even a facelift can make your $350,000 showpiece feel a bit yestertech.

This is the perfect time to pull the trigger on some sweet custom mods. Prior Design sets the widebody standard of excellence for many car guys — and their PD458 definitely does not disappoint.

But in terms of the actual fenders!? Well, these aluminum pieces from Modena are tough to beat for design purity. Instead of overfenders or replacing the panel, the PD458 goes hard at the bumpers, sills, hood and overall aero suite.

The whole kit comes in at about $33,000 before installation, and sans the PD3 forged alloys. In the Ferrari expense universe, that is darn good value.

We love the results — almost like the 488 GTB did not even exist….

And what is this FXX K link? Nothing too explicit — just an overall GT3-hardcore mood to the car. Naturally all Ferrari’s aspire to be like the FXX K … someday. =]


Ferrari 458 Widebody By Prior Design

Ferrari 458 Widebody By Prior Design 7