ALPINA B5 Mods Available for USA BMW 5 series Owners


The import and BMW distribution of the ALPINA B6 and B7 to the US is big news. They are all extremely rare and extremely cool, especially the new ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe.

These ALPINA specials are a fantastic M car alternative, with more engines, xDrive and even diesel engines able to Alpina-fied.

But the great thing about the ALPINA upgrade catalog is that all the parts that make these complete models are also available indivudally. There is a slight benefit to this for current BMW owners: you can target specific upgrades and install them over time. The wheels and aero kit first, perhaps. Then the ECU and exhaust, followed by springs and a custom cabin?

Sounds good to me!

Here is a mega gallery of the current ALPINA sedans and coupes that are not available as full cars in the US: the 3 series, 4 series and 5 series. These become the B3 for gas engines versus D3, etc for the diesels.

But we have grouped them by overall model size here.

Favorite details? The 20-spoke alloys are sublime at all times, as are the long-tail rear spoilers.

Also like that the ALPINA upgrade aesthetic is all body-colored. (A bit of external carbon-fiber fatigue here recently.)

What is on our wishlist for Alpina cars or perhaps the style reco for BMW owners?

Even less chrome. Dark kidney grilles and even gloss-black Alpina multi-spoke alloys!? Yum!