RM Amelia 2015 Preview – 1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

1968 Intermeccanica Italia SpyderImagine a car with the low, wide and long late-60s proportions of the Maserati Ghibli and Ferrari Daytona, but with nose detailing more evocative of the famous Ferrari 250 GTO. Even the chrome wrap-around bumpers set a perfect late-50s mood that was forever lost to history by the introduction of 5-mph safety bumpers and other pesky requirements for US sale.

The team behind Intermeccanica certainly could, and this machine has a really timeless and special beauty as a result. Powered by a Ford V8, this Turin-made supercar also lacks the badge appeal of any modern Ferrari or Lamborghini. As such, however, it is a rare chance to own a truly rare and special machine at a very reasonable price.

To these eyes, what the Italia Spyder lacks in snob appeal is more than made up for by its delicate beauty and special back-story.

1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

Amelia Island

14 March 2015

Lot 181

1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

$140,000 – $180,000

Photo Credit: Darin Schnabel ©2015 Courtesy of RM Auctions1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder