2015 ARIEL Nomad – Exclusive Digital COLORIZER

This Ariel Nomad is a very cool piece of news – even as CES is in full swing and Detroit is starting to build momentum ahead of press parties starting on Sunday.

We’ve spent a bit of time in photoshop to create an exclusive color visualizer for the new Nomad — with our skills obviously best able to create bright, Skittles-style shades.

We’ve also lightened and darkened the wheels for a few ideas of what the gloss-black optional rims might look like.

This car seems like it is *perfect* for the X-raid class of rallying, and as such there are 15-inch standard wheels to comply with the max size of that race class. But there are also 19-inchers on the options tally for harder surfaces.

The speed of the new Nomad across the rally-style terrain in Ariel’s video below makes even the quickest Bowler’s seem quite overweight and very slow by comparison.







 2015 ARIEL Nomad – Exclusive Digital COLORIZER



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