RM Sam Pack Collection – Ford Thunderbirds – 12 Sale Results Ranked

tbirdsHere is a look at the 14 Ford Thunderbirds sold by RM Auctions from the Sam Pack Collection — in descending order by price earned. Not included are any that did not meet reserve or were no-sales, and we believe there may be a duplicate 1956 or two in the list.

But overall, it is a surprising barometer of desirability for the various years of Thunderbird Ford.

The all-star was this bright black 1957 F-Code, which at $247,500 sold for more than triple what the next-priciest model brought home. Number two on the ranker is the baby blue 1957 E-Code Thunderbird. Pulling in $82,000, the blue ’57 is worth double the lowest-priced T-bird of the bunch.

We’re surprised to report that the cheapest Thunderbird of all is the original 1955 in Torch Red. This was the 326th off the line in its first year of production, and was delivered to California. If there is a glaring reason it is not worth as much as the rest, the catalog description doesn’t share it.

Overall, it is probably just a style and performance question. The 1957 is the iconic bodystyle, and much more powerful. There is something to be said for the original car though — which seems like a steal at just $42,000.


tbirds4 2014-12-30_161118

Lot 200 | 2014 – Sam Pack | Saturday

1957 Ford Thunderbird ‘F-Code’
Sold for $247,500

Lot 171 | 2014 – Sam Pack | Saturday

1957 Ford Thunderbird ‘E-Code’
Sold for $82,500