Maserati Teases MC20 Cabrio, Supercar Loses Its Top For More Style

Winter may have much of the United States in its winter clutches, but as they say, it’s always summer somewhere and Maserati is attempting to make consumers flashback to warmer weather and even driving through curvy coastal roads with the all-new MC20 Cabrio which is set to add a new flavor of fun to the lineup.


Dropping The Top In The Name Of MC20 Style

As the name implies, the MC20 Cabrio is at its core, an MC20 convertible with the performance-packed two-door now having the ability to generate open-aired driving thrills on-demand. Like other recent Maserati products, the company once again had some fun with the camouflage and has adorned the car with cloud-adorned patterns. The puffy shapes are a sly reference to the Cabrio’s mission in life, and they also do a good job hiding some of the core design elements that would make the Cabrio stand out from its coupe sibling.

However, other than some minor tweaks that were needed to help make the convertible components work on the platform, look for the design to not stray too far from the standard MC20. That’s a good thing since the MC20 is arguably one of the best-looking models that the Italian brand has made in recent years. We don’t even know what kind of top it will use but it’s a safe bet that some sort of cloth top will be used mainly because Maserati will want to keep weight down and it would perhaps work better with the car’s lines.

The performance will come from a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6 that will still produce 621 hp which will be plenty of muscle for top-down motoring, especially at triple-digit speeds. However, we’re not sure if the conversion will support a hybrid or EV version but Maserati has surprised us before with their engineering prowess so anything is possible.


When Will We See It?

More details will emerge soon, but look for the Cabrio to appear as a 2023 model when it makes its production debut. Maserati will have its hands full with a few other new products including the next-generation GranTurismo as well as the all-new Grecale CUV.