Top 11 Hot Hatchbacks in the USA for 2017

This spring has been a renaissance for hot hatch testing here at Car-Revs-Daily.  We’ve had the great pleasure of flogging the two reigning champs: the Focus RS and Golf R — and realized these pocket rockets are a speedfreak’s dream come true.  So tight and nimble.  So ferocious on throttle.  And so affordable versus a big V8 in Camaro  or Mustang!  Affordable to buy and also to insure and own. They make spouses less furious  than an impractical two-seat coupe.  And they are actually useful at transporting big things via their fold-down back seats. The market for hot hatchbacks has …

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RM Sam Pack Collection – Ford Thunderbirds – 12 Sale Results Ranked

Here is a look at the 14 Ford Thunderbirds sold by RM Auctions from the Sam Pack Collection — in descending order by price earned. Not included are any that did not meet reserve or were no-sales, and we believe there may be a duplicate 1956 or two in the list. But overall, it is a surprising barometer of desirability for the various years of Thunderbird Ford. The all-star was this bright black 1957 F-Code, which at $247,500 sold for more than triple what the next-priciest model brought home. Number two on the ranker is the baby blue 1957 E-Code …

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Year 1 Debrief: Most Popular 150 Articles Ranked and Linked!

Some surprising cars pop to the top of this list of’s top articles over the past year. Yep, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary a few days ago —  and things are moving along very nicely indeed! Are the top-ranked articles our favorites, or the ones that took the most time and effort? Not really. But they do prove that content is the golden principle, with timely or exclusive content the real king-maker, from a traffic and therefore ad revenue perspective. Overall stats from 11.1.13 – 11.4.14: Total Articles: 1671 Total Images:  93,899 Average Articles Per Day (7 Days …

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