Tuner Showcase – Chevrolet Spark by KBR Motorsport

kbr spark gifIf this one doesn’t make you smile… you may have a heart of stone. =]

Chevrolet Spark by KBR Motorsport

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SPARK by KBR Motorsport

Developed in Europe and having been manufactured since 2010 in Asia by General Motors Korea, subsidiary of General Motors, former Daewoo, two years ago the Chevrolet Spark replaced the Matiz. Since the small- and microcars are getting more popular, prominent tuning services sometimes also have to deal with such “babies” to tune them up.

The same happened with KBR Motorsport located in Erftstadt. Let us start with tires and wheels. The Spark got in Erftstadt mate black set of Barracuda Voltec T6 rims, 7 X 17 inches. Naturally, equipped with 185/35R17 tires. H&R pillars influence the driving positively. The company own silencer is made of special steel grade and – not for the first time – is a unique device. The target to have a rich voice for the Spark has been fully achieved. Additionally, the usually troublesome front license plate has been optimized, and fits now close to the car. The rear also has not been left without changes: badging, wiper, and lock just where removed. Additionally, persuading the harmony, several devices have been painted in the vehicle’s color. The film both on glazing and center pillars, as well as the side design are professionally implemented by the partner company CoverEFX.

Total cost of the upgrade KBR indicated with 5000 euros. This sum shall be considered as the investment into the future, as it makes sure, to make everyone amazingly pay attention to the car when passing by this vehicle at the parking lot, or turning around to catch a look of the Spark driving by.

Photos by: Jordi Miranda

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