Restyled 2014 Exocet is MX-5-based Trackday Dream: Ariel Atom Thrills for Miata Bills!

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This 2014 Exocet Race visited the Flyin’ Miatas booth at Road Atlanta last weekend, and caused quite a stir in its panel-free glory.

Yes, it is just wearing its birthday suit in my Atlanta photos, but the 2014 kits actually all feature resdesigned panels and upgraded features.

Here is the low-down of what this Exomotive machine is:

— Kit car that uses core components of the Mx-5, but an ultra-strong and extremely lightweight steel exoskeleton versus the heavy and less-rigid factory unibody.


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The Atlanta-based Exomotive design is shipped as a kit to owners, where the build is said to take about 100 hours. Pricing is from about $6500 for the base kits.

Cars with the full Race roll-cage like this example are pricier – mainly because that big car-sized shape of notched and welded military-grade steel alloy needs all the extra pieces versus the pure roadster kits.

Fun fact: The jig used to bend these tubes to shape, by the way, is typically used on Department of Defense projects due to its immense power… which is a fun and re-assuring bit of trivia with the turbo and V8 engine options that are track-attack MX-5 possibilities these days!

The major details are outlined below. Sure, it might not fool anyone into thinking it is an OEM exotic, but that is not the point of the car whatsoever. It is about speed and thrills on the racetracks — where the 1400-pound curb weight of the Exocet is sure to demolish anything with factory weight throughout.

The latest restyle for 2014 is more appealing still.

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Official Details below from Exomotive.


The easiest kit car in the world to build. Designed from the start with the novice builder in mind. Based on the excellent dynamics of the bullet proof Mazda Miata. Power options galore. Average build costs under $10k. Finish in ~100 hours.

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Donor Vehicle: 1990-2005 Mazda Miata (NA & NB Models)
Engine Size: Mazda 1.6L & 1.8L or V8 options available
Power Output: 100-700hp
Weight: ~1400-1600 pounds

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Exomotive MEV Exocet Specifications

Length: 132 inches
Width: 68.4 inches
Height: 47 inches
Wheelbase: 89.2 inches
Weight: 1400-1600 pounds (varies depending on options)
Power: 100-700hp

Exocet Base Kit – $6500

Exocet Sport Kit – $7200

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Exocet Race Kit – $8000

Optional Extras

Due to a large number of initial orders for the new chassis, current lead time is approximately 14-16 weeks. Made in the USA at our Atlanta, GA facility. Shipping via UPS Freight. $300 crate plus actual freight cost. Quotes range from $200-700 depending on your location. Email for specific quote.

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Base kit price $6500

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