Land Rover LR4 Discovery Concept Inks Deal as Ground-Based Virgin Galactic Shuttle Service

Foolish follies with the Discovery Vision Concept? Never!

This truck appears to be the real deal, arriving first as the Discovery Sport with a presumed five seats and off-road ability akin to the legendary Defender. It will then arrive as the presumed seven-seat LR4. The first of this new-gen model set (or trio!) is promised to be on sale some time in 2015.

Discovcery Virgin Galactic GIF

Virgin Galactic is certainly going places. Far away places! The Discovery marks the announcement of more glad-handed sponsorships — as the ground-based shuttle service of Virgin Galactic’s interstellar flights… some time in the future.

But once at Spaceport America, it is nice to know these posh folks will not have to take an LAX-style bus from the terminal to their waiting spacecraft…!

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