Volkswagen Debuts Striking Jetta CC Concept in Beijing – Dubbed New Midsize Coupe + Golf 400R and New Touareg

Signs of life from Volkswagen? Glad to see someone in the Wolfsburg Emergency Room is yelling “Clear!” before brandishing the defibrillator paddles.

Just in time too: Volkswagen of America’s sales hit a brick wall last summer and have been in double-digit free-fall ever since. The range is a mess of unwanted and ancient models.

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Great stuff from Volkswagen in Beijing today – including a Golf 400R and the latest Touareg refresh.

But the really striking news? A Jetta-sized CC model that is a low-roof four-door sedan they are calling the New Midsize Coupe.

But we will likely pronounce it “2016 Jetta CC” when it arrives in late 2015 to  the United States.

“New” Touareg

Auto China 2014 Auto China 2014 Auto China 2014Golf 400R Concept – with LED lightbar!

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Official NMC Concept Details from VW Below.

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The way to the future is shown by a four-door coupé unlike any other in its class – the New Midsize Coupé (NMC) concept car. Volkswagen will show the car in Beijing, combining the worlds of saloon and sports cars. The NMC brings together all the components of a perfect coupé design.

The low (1,422 mm) and wide (1,838 mm) body provides for a low centre of gravity. At the same time, the lines of the long bonnet reach over the powerful roof line to the concise C pillar with a short boot to form a completely dynamic silhouette. The concept car is painted in “Dragon Red,” a brilliant red effects paint, establishing a colour contrast to the high-gloss black elements, such as the roof surface with its integrated panoramic sunroof.

The front section, with an avant-garde radiator grille, LED headlights with 3D optics and a large lower air inlet with a concise chrome signature feature an exceptionally progressive design. The side view provides the impression of a sports car, with its 20-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels with 245/40 low-profile tyres.

NMC Sketches


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