European Nissan JUKE Previews Deeply Cool LED Designs Front and Rear — Securing High-Style Kudos After Dark

The updated Nissan JUKE debuted in Geneva this month, with only a light refresh visible outside. Until it gets dark, that is!

The LED updates now place V-Motion swish marks in the top indicator lamps up front, bi-xenon LEDs for the main round beams below, and some refreshed lower trim styling that now includes painted areas inside the lower grille region.

The main front blinkers are still in the top lamps on the hood — just as much smaller amber LED units, we expect. This remains unknown as of now.

JUKE Euro LED gif 2

The overall appearance is greatly enhanced by these revisions, and speaks to one of our key concerns when crowning the JUKE Nismo the Best Turbo Sports Car Under $25,000 for 2013. What was this concern?

As cool as the GT-R-based LED accent lights are during the day, they cannot be illuminated at night in combintation with the main lamps.

This is largely technical/electrical — LEDs in night-time mode are typically a bit less bright than they are as DRLs. So the Nissan JUKE Nismo is missing one tiny circuit-board to dim these slightly, or perhaps new dim-able LEDs in general.

But the headlamps in the JUKE immediately cut the LED accent down below. It is a compromise too far for many of the fashion-aware clients the JUKE Nismo seeks.

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Step in, this European JUKE remodel. This is not on the 2014 JUKE books for America yet, but is expected in the near-term future.

Out back, the V-Motion flow theme continues with the best-yet execution of LED light tubes in this shape. Worth recalling is that the JUKE does not have LED brake lights yet at all here.


Even the 370Z’s brake lights are a but less chic than these, because the Z-car is saddled with yester-tech LED dot matrices versus the solid light tubes that are the latest and greatest.

LED tubes? These are not exactly tubes in a technical sense. It is an opaque piece of acrylic to diffuse any LED dots from the brake light visage. This is imperative. The LED dots ofthe  Honda Accord show how searing and unpleasant this Murano and G35-style LED dot styling has become in the 11 years since its debut on these Infiniti and Nissan models.

Still ahead-of-the-curve? Oh yes. The G35 and Murano had LED brake lights before even the Audi A6 or Audi TT.


But the game has moved forward, and trendsetters do not get that name by re-hashing tired styling ideas.

Other tweaks to the Euro JUKE? Painted surfaces in the lower rear bumpers as well, along with a new panoramic glass moonroof and LED repeaters in the mirrors.

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All JUKE models deliver amazing value for handling balance and standard turbo power. But for LED lighting bliss, the European JUKE has ours shaded pretty conclusively after sunset.

JUKE Euro LED gif 1

Overall, however, we hope this Eagle Talon-style yellow paint will skip the overseas crossing….

Mustard Yellow must be the new Carrera White for Euro-coloristas. The BMW M4 and many others have also worn absolutely Vile (Bile?) Yellow paints in the last six months of auto shows.

_DSF1628 copy

A color flash most Americans would be eager to flaunt for the next six years of car ownership. Unclear.

But the Euro JUKE’s new LEDs? Clearly good news for all.

euroJUKE gif

For more info and to learn all about the JUKE, cruise over the NissanUSA. Pricing for the NISMO and Nismo RS models is about $23,000 and $26,000, respectively.