Okay Now! European JUKE Nismo RS Features Matching LEDs Above and Below The New Round HID Lamps

The recent European Nissan JUKE article spent a faintly absurd amount of words and on the color choice of the show car, as well as the LED lighting functionality of the JUKE Nismo.

euroJUKE gif

Hiding on my desktop is another Geneva debut I have yet to cover: The JUKE Nismo RS with the solution to both the LED and icky color problems!

This photo of the JUKE Nismo RS for Europe confirms: all three lighting elements can now be used simultaneously.




Perhaps a trivial distinction, but one that American JUKE Nismo owners will understand.

The JUKE Nismo RS in these photos also wears a lovely satin grey metallic paint — the antithesis of what I dubbed Bile Yellow to describe the latest trendy mustard color of the BMW M4 and many others.

116129_1_5 116130_1_5 116131_1_5 116132_1_5 116133_1_5

All good stuff. The RS also brings new seats that look pretty intense, plus a few other goodies along the way.

As we know, the JUKE Nismo and Nismo RS are both offered in front-drive or AWD. The manual transmission comes standard with front-drive, while the NISMO-tuned CVT is standard on the AWD trims.

Either way, this car has amazing street presence, handling, and chuck-ability that bely its sub-$25,000 base pricing.

The European mods to the lighting are not on American books yet, but will surely be available to buy and upgrade for any JUKE model — even the 188-horsepower standard trims!


116126_1_5 116128_1_5 116134_1_5 116135_1_5 116136_1_5 116137_1_5 116138_1_5 116139_1_5 116141_1_5 116142_1_5

European JUKE

JUKE Euro LED gif 2 2014 Nissan JUKE S Midnight Edition from 19k with 6-sp Manual and 188HP Turbo INTERIOR GIF European-Nissan-JUKE-Brings-Deeply-Cool-LED-Styling-Front-and-Rear----Securing-High-Style-Premium-Kudos-After-Dark-1124


American JUKE Nismo

JUKE Best of 2013 Awards Spinner999

American JUKE SL Midnight Edition

2014 Nissan JUKE S Midnight Edition from 19k with 6-sp Manual and 188HP Turbo GIF

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For more info and to learn all about the JUKE, cruise over the NissanUSA. Pricing for the NISMO and Nismo RS models is about $23,000 and $26,000, respectively.