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My #LED #FailWhales — 123 Photo Showcase of Later-Junked DIY Headlights — Quad Projectors, LED Blades, LED Eagle Eyes… and 10 Other Icky Iterations

Many of you may wonder about some of the eye-catching elements in my headlights over the years. The LED passion obsession started in 2009 for me, and took three years and six pairs of headlamps for me to realize: stop wasting time and money. But I was convinced!  The tech to build DIY LED headlights was out there, I would say to myself over and over. For context, this was after I had already spent much time in 2007-2008 upgrading to HID low-beams and stripping the middle element of the headlights (the chrome shroud) out completely.   But what style …

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Editor’s Note: Facebook Page + Contact Info Update Tom (at) Car-Revs-Daily.com

Hey guys! Well, things are starting to get very busy around here at Car-Revs-Daily. In a *great* way! Our traffic is skyrocketing, and a new ad format called Background Canvas will go live in the next few weeks. A few big updates, however: — New!  A Facebook page for Car-Revs-Daily.com: I would really appreciate a quick like from readers on this. It will help grow the audience in general. Thanks in advance. — New!   A work email for Tom@Car-Revs-Daily.com   You can now email me directly via this link, which we will add to various other new Contact areas on …

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