Concept Design Analysis – 2007 Nissan BEVEL Was Futuristic SUV Workvan

Nissan bevelAs Nissan explored the commercial vehicle segments leading to the NV and NV200, there were a few exploratory design concepts leading the way. This BEVEL concept is a cool look at what a cross between the Cube and Pathfinder might resemble — at least in some far-off universe.

A single door on the driver’s side contrasted with normal twin doors on the passenger side, while all the seats folded flat to form a flat load bay. The panel-van style of the rear sides is then contrasted with a giant glass roof and huge glass tailgate.

Overall, the design is characterized by the perfectly round shoulder angle of the front fenders leading the entire look of the vehicle. This rounded section is mirrored on the shape of the roof edges, the front grille shapes, and the overall surfacing interplay of the metal areas.

This ultra-pure rounding is extra striking over the near-flat panels on the hood, body-sides and other elements. The body-sides in this pure and flat metal look are unruffled by any cladding, tacked-on flares or other creases. Something about the result is decidedly futuristic and quite handsome.

2007 Nissan BEVEL

Nissan bevel