~4.8s, 400HP 2017 INFINITI Q60 – 3 Engines and Sexy Design Swagger To Top 435i

The production Q60 is here and GORGEOUS!

A full lineup met the press today at NAIAS, but the one we lust after most is the top 400-horsepower, AWD Q60!

Pushing all that power to the back axle at a 0:100 ratio until slip occurs, the Q60 3.0t looks set to be a barnstormer of a two-door — with pace and grace to easily rival the BMW 435i and Cadillac ATS Coupes.

That $55k stunner will only make up a part of the new Q60 offering, though. Standard rear-drive and three engine choices also neatly match the new C400 Coupe and RC200t/RC300 AWD from Lexus. The mid engine is a 300-pony version of the top V6TT, while a base turbo four will be an enticing entry from its $38k base price. That base four makes 208-ponies through the seven-speed automatic all Q60s share.

Pace will range from about 7.7-seconds to 60-mph on the base model down to 6.4-seconds for an estimate on the 300HP V6.  The top engine and AWD should rip 4.7-second shots to 60-mph — matching the speed of the 4-series BMW — excluding the M4.

We LOVE the new style, deeply sloping rear roofline, and hunky shoulder muscles around the back arches. A more aggressive evolution of the Q50S nose incorporates deeper spoilers, sterner LED DRLs with two-piece lighting signature, plus a new tail.  The fresh trunk looks lower, wider and much more intense than the Q50 sedan — while its lip spoiler and integrated dual exhaust pipes continues a well-liked trend from the current Q60.

Glam finishes for the alloys ranmge from gunmetal to glossy black, while the bodysides also wear deeper flow points and wider, more prominent fenders than the four-door.

All in all — clearly an all-new model — and one we are eager to drive ASAP!

The 2017 model-year Q60 is top-priority for Infiniti — rounding out a fresh QX60, Q30 and QX30 range — all fresh for the 2016/2017 model year.

Those new compacts and the revised QX60 seven-seater will nevertheless beat the Q60 to showrooms: this


All-new 2017 Infiniti Q60 sports coupe: Designed and engineered to perform

  • Daring proportions convey a powerful elegance that’s unmistakably Infiniti
  • All-new “VR30” 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine empowers performance
  • Innovative driving technologies deliver a personal and rewarding drive
  • World premiere at 2016 North American International Auto Show

DETROIT – Making its world premiere at the 2016 North American International Auto Show, the new Infiniti Q60 is a premium sports coupe that combines expressive design with exhilarating performance and dynamics.

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