Quickest-Ever 2016 Audi S8 Plus Hits 62 in 3.8s With Vmax of 189MPH – Calls Out Haters

s8Audi just revealed its saloon-car flagship for 2016: the S8 Plus.

Not exactly sure when it happened, but we hate the Audi A8 lately. Despite this (clearly super-influential:) opinion, the A8 is actually performing exceptionally well in the sales charts. Only the S-Class beats it for American-market full-size luxury sedan market share.

As if sensing our disdain from afar, this superlimo wants to re-earn some of the cool points of the Ronin or Transporter S8 years.

Then, the blacked-out S8 variant of all-aluminum flagship was a quirky but rapid AWD alternative to the big dogs from BMW and AMG.

That coolness for the A8 and S8 is long gone in most of its trim levels and varying shades of tan paint that are so common. The base A8 in the US these days is a front-drive 2.0-liter turbo four… so def expect to see more blah A8s than you will this hoorah S8 Plus.

A much-needed design upgrade adds carbon-fiber to the front slitter and side sills, while unique 21-inch alloys complete the menacing makeover.

Power is up around 80 ponies versus the standard S8: this overboosted 4.0-liter V8TT now churns out a tire-shredding 553 pound-feet of torque as well.

Sport exhaust and myriad sporty detail touches round out the package.

We only know the confirmed 62-mph sprint time is 3.8-seconds — meaning the shorter 60-mph run should be polished off in about 3.6 clicks.

Very, very rapid — without a doubt.s8 leds

But Panamera Turbo or S63 rapid? That remains to be seen — both of those cars are comfortably under 3.5-seconds by most stopwatches, and both also feature standard AWD in the US market.

So the S8 Plus has an uphill climb, but this is a big move in the right direction. Just do us a favor: don’t order  in beige.

Speaking of procurement…. when and how much?

USA #1?

TBD. This model is not yet confirmed for the USA range. We are looking at the short-wheelbase UK spec in these preview images.

But is it coming? Yes, almost certainly. First orders are estimated to arrive to USA buyers in March of 2016.

Overall, the limo game has changed radically. We’d vote S63 in a heartbeat over this S8 Plus, with the Alpina B8 or new 750Li M Sport coming second-place. The ranker in 2015 is flipped upside down versus the late 1990s.

We hope Audi adds some privacy glass all around for the limited number of S8 Plus cars coming stateside. Check out the difference in appearance with and without tinted side windows via this rendering before/after.

s8 tinted windows

2016 Audi S8 Plus



V8 TFSI engine boosted by 85PS and up to 750Nm of torque endows flagship Audi S8 plus sports saloon with a power output equivalent to almost seven A1 1.0 TFSI models

  • 4.0 V8 TFSI engine produces 605 PS and up to 700Nm in normal operation – overboost function increases to torque to 750Nm, the highest output of any Audi on sale
  • S8 plus has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any premium sports saloon with all-wheel drive at 293 PS per tonne
  • 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds, making the S8 plus the fastest accelerating Audi S model in the range and the fastest S8 ever
  • Electronically limited 155mph top speed can be derestricted to 189mph
  • Sports exhaust, power door closure, unique 21-inch alloy wheels and carbon fibre front spoiler lip and side flaps form part of standard UK specification
  • Pricing starts at £97,700 OTR and ordering opens in October

Supercar pace and archetypal Audi A8 luxury converge in the Audi S8 plus, a new evolution of the already formidable S8 performance saloon developed using the combined expertise of Audi and its specialist high performance division quattro GmbH. Ramping up power from the 520PS offered by the ‘standard’ S8 to an intoxicating 605PS, the S8 plus is also capable of producing up to 750Nm of torque on demand – the highest output of any Audi in the current model range. It will open for ordering in October, priced from £97,700 OTR, and first UK deliveries are expected to commence in January 2016.

Encased by the lightweight, predominantly aluminium Audi Space Frame, which in isolation weighs just 231kg, is a modified version of the 4.0 TFSI engine already used to power the current 520PS S8. This sonorous V8 biturbo unit has been extensively modified and gains special engine management control with speed and charge pressure boosting to its modified exhaust valves. The inner geometry of the turbocharger has also been optimised for efficiency.

An overboost function facilitates the maximum torque elevation from 700Nm (516.3 lb-ft) to a muscular 750Nm (553.2 lb-ft) when required. As a result, a mere 3.8 seconds is all it takes for the stately super saloon to blast past 62 mph, after which it swiftly pulls towards an electronically limited 155mph top speed. Upon choosing the optional dynamic package, top speed increases to 189mph, and fade-resistant carbon-fibre reinforced ceramic brakes are added, featuring brake calipers finished in anthracite-grey with the Audi ceramic logo.

The full force of this prodigious output is transmitted to the road via an eight-speed tiptronic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive. A sports differential apportions the torque between the rear wheels for optimum directional stability. Chassis highlights include the S sports adaptive air suspension and dynamic steering, both of which have been tuned specifically for the S8 plus. UK specification models are fitted with 21-inch alloy wheels in a unique high-gloss black double-spoke design shod with specially designed size 275/35 tyres.

The standard dual-branch sports exhaust system opens out into two oval high-gloss black tailpipes on the left and right. It is modified by quattro GmbH and gives the S8 plus an unmistakable V8 sound.

Sumptuous specification

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