2016 Ford Explorer Revealed With New Engines, Fresh Styling and Platinum Range-Topper

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Ford’s rapid product rollout this winter continues today with the reveal of the 2016 Explorer in Los Angeles.

Packing freshness outside, inside and under the hood — the Explorer is even sporting a new badge for 2016.

Improvements center of style with LED lighting front and rear, a new grille design and completely fresh bumpers and fascias, along with standard LED low-beams for the first time. LED accent lighting and LED foglamps are also in the mix up front, where the Explorer is now much crisper and more modern via a chiseled and sharp lighting design.

In profile, the Explorer is relatively familiar, but newness abounds in back as well. On the new-for-2016 Platinum luxury trim, the Explorer shows a tasteful lower bumper accent, new taillamps and a clean single bar of brightwork across the trunk and extending visually into the lamps.

Inside, comfort and safety rule the new Explorer — with active tech everywhere and super-soft and cushy new luxury accents on the Platinum.

Under the hood, the Explorer will continue with three engines: a base V6, a new optional 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo and the potent and torque 3.5-liter EcoBoost at the top of the ladder.

Stay tuned for the Explorer Sport info — but overall the 2016 Explorer and its new LED lighting will cut a very dashing new face on the highways for the all-star seven-seat crossover.

 2016 Ford Explorer


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  • New Ford Explorer makes global debut today at Los Angeles Auto Show with even more smart technology, available 2.3-liter EcoBoost® four-cylinder engine and all-new Platinum series
  • Innovative new features make parking easier, speed charging time on smart devices, boost aerodynamics and give every adventure an even better soundtrack
  • New 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine delivers more horsepower and torque than the four-cylinder it replaces, with no compromise in fuel economy anticipated; for the first time on Explorer, four-cylinder EcoBoost can be paired with available tow package and intelligent four-wheel drive with Terrain Management System
  • More than 7 million Explorers have been sold in the United States, which makes it America’s best-selling SUV for 25 years

Building on 25 years of innovation and sales leadership, a new Explorer is on its way, with even more smart technology, a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine and an all-new Platinum series. The new Ford Explorer goes on sale next summer.

The new Explorer, revealed today at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, builds on the strength and leadership of Ford’s new vehicle lineup – the freshest in the industry – and provides SUV customers even more versatility, capability, smart technology and efficiency.

“Explorer helped define how the world thinks about SUVs,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president and chief technical officer, Global Product Development. “Explorer is the centerpiece of Ford’s global utility vehicle lineup because it delivers an ideal combination of form and function. And with 7 million already sold, nearly everyone has an Explorer story.”

Introduced as a 1991 model, Explorer featured generous interior space customers were looking for, and was engineered specifically for people seeking adventure for their families and a way to express their individuality. For a quarter century, Explorer has been America’s best-selling SUV.

Ford Explorer is built in North America at Chicago Assembly Plant, as well as in Venezuela and now, Russia. It is sold in more than 100 markets across the globe. Ford expects to export 56,000 Explorers from the United States this year alone.

“Customers love Explorer, and expect this SUV to lead the way in innovation, performance and fun,” said Arie Groeneveld, chief engineer for the new Explorer. “It’s a tall order, but we’re aiming to build the best SUV in the world.”

More innovation for new adventures
Even more smart technology – that’s what customers will get with the new Ford Explorer. It offers more technologies than previous models – features that enhance the driving experience. These include:

  • Front and rear cameras with washers: Both front and rear cameras have wide-angle lenses and come equipped with a washer – an industry-first
  • Enhanced active park assist with perpendicular park assist, park-out assist and semi-automatic parallel parking: The system uses ultrasonic sensors and electric power-assisted steering to help drivers with parallel parking and perpendicular parking maneuvers. Enhanced active park assist now includes park-out assist to help a driver pull out of parallel parking spots. The system controls the steering wheel, while the driver operates the accelerator and brake pedals, and shifts the vehicle into gear
  • Smart-charging USB ports throughout: Located in the front and rear of the vehicle are USB ports to charge smart devices
  • Hands-free liftgate: A customer need only kick his or her leg below the center of the rear bumper to unlock and raise the liftgate
  • Industry-exclusive 500-watt Sony Audio System: Explorer Platinum will be the first Ford vehicle to get an all-new 500-watt Sony Audio System with Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technology
  • Active Grille Shutters: Upper and lower fascia openings close at highway speeds to reduce drag. At low speeds, the shutters open to deliver airflow to cool the powertrain. Shutters allow for larger front end openings to cool the engine while reducing drag
  • Air curtains: Standard air curtains create a high-pressure region of air that impacts the outer surface of the wheels and tires. The result is airflow held close to the vehicle body, minimizing drag

     2016 Ford Explorer


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These current Explorer features provide a foundation for innovations on the new model:

  • Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support: Uses radar to detect moving vehicles directly ahead and changes the cruising speed if necessary
  • Lane-keeping system: The system automatically detects left- and right-hand road lane markings using the front camera system. A vibration in the steering wheel alerts the driver if the vehicle begins to drift out of the lane. The system can also provide steering torque to help guide the vehicle back into the lane if needed
  • Blind Spot Information System: BLIS® uses radar to trigger a warning when another motorist is in the driver’s blind spot
  • Cross-traffic alert: Uses radar to help alert drivers to oncoming traffic when backing out of a parking space
  • Auto high-beams: Automatic high-beams use windshield-mounted cameras to automatically switch between high-beam and low-beam settings when oncoming traffic is detected
  • Inflatable rear safety belts: Inflatable rear safety belts, introduced on 2011 Explorer as an industry-first, deploy an airbag over the torso and shoulder of an outboard passenger to help distribute crash forces over up to five times more area than a traditional safety belt. Spreading forces over a larger area helps reduce pressure on a passenger’s chest, and helps control head and neck motion

All-new EcoBoost engine

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