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2020 HYUNDAI EXODUS – Designing A Halo Hypercar – Part One – The Nose

2020 HYUNDAI EXODUS – Designing A Halo Hypercar – Part One – The Nose WHY NOW? Lots of supercars and hypercars this week, which are great fun and very enjoyable to read about. That applies to those in the market for an exotic car as well as those of us who will drive something far more mundane in reality. WHY HYUNDAI? Why try to imagine my own Hyundai hypercar, after spending much time with the new Sonata last week? I realized many things on this trip about how rapidly Hyundai is advancing in the automotive world. (Full Sonata review is …

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1966 Toyota 2000GT Targa – Bond Movie Car Idea Realized, But Earned Only $200k in RM Auctions London 2010

In the 1960s, the 2000GT was best known from the line… “Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond.” In 2014? “Welcome to Monte Carlo, Mr. Toyoda.”   This is the closing of the previous 2000GT article here on — so what is more appropriate than talking about Bond cars in this next article!? After it was discovered that the rather tall Sean Connery did not fit inside the 2000GT hardtop, Toyota was in a pickle. Eager to participate in the film, the company presented two ideas to the Bond producers: a targa or a cabriolet. Both would need to be made in …

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RM Auctions Monaco 2014 Highlights – 1968 Toyota 2000GT Joins Million-Plus Japanese Car Club

Rare is the key word for any Asian car to crest the million dollar mark — only two or three other 2000GT’s can claim membership, and only since 2013. Even referring to the group as “Asian” cars is quite a misnomer – no other car from South Korea or China is anywhere near this mark in classic car values. Values for the ultimate 1960s Japanese supercar are firmly on the ascent, with buyers eager to own its delicate curves and precision inline-six engine. Outright power is not really part of the appeal with only 150-horsepower available from the Yamaha-partnership engine …

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Toyota Pacific Design CALTY teams 1978 and 2014 GIF

Toyota CALTY Design Teams – Then with 1978 Celica and Now with 2014 FT1 Concept

I was going to add these charming images from Toyota to the FT1 article from earlier today – but decided to feature this talented team in a stand-alone article.   The below image shows the CALTY team with one of their first full projects, the hugely-successful 1978 Celica. This Celica eventually became the Celica Supra, and then the Supra we all know and love.   The Celica was a surprise global hit outside its core US market, providing Toyota the platform to affordable high-performance sports cars. The 2000GT, for all its brilliant alloy panels and optional automatic gearbox – was …

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