2017 Porsche 911 Carrera – Tenerife First Drives Roundup + Carrera S Sport Exhaust MP3

  Initial highlights to report from the Tenerife International media drive of the new 911?  The sound is still evocative, throaty and metallic, with some boxer baritone part of the new twin-turbo orchestra.  Check out the Carrera S with sport exhaust MP3 below. Twin pipes in back for the C2S and C4S are a highlight, as is the new LED brake light in the top of the contrast-black air intake on the legendary rump. The carbon-backed sport seats are a divine new selection versus the standard thrones, with cut-outs for a five-point harness but also all-day comfort and electric adjustments …

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2015 BMW Motorrad Concept 101 13

2015 BMW Motorrad Concept 101 Is Lux Cruiser

BMW Motorrad’s sales are on an absolute tear in the US and worldwide in recent years. Where to take the brand that dominates the desirability of the entire two-wheeled world? Upward and onward! The highest-margin area of the motorcycle market is for large cruisers. This new Concept 101 takes the BMW riding-pleasure mantra into this huge new area. A bike that surely makes many German minimalists cringe, the Concept 101 is a firm statement of intent. The machine debuted this weekend at the BMW-sponsored Villa d’Este Concours. It is a long-range cruiser with hardshell luggage cases, a relaxed riding position …

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Porsche Macan Diesel with KAEGE.de Active Exhaust Sounds Like V8 Racecar!

Upping turbodiesel power via ECU programming is a fine art in Europe these days – with a plug and play upgrade one of the first things many buyers order right after their car arrives. But these massive power upgrades do not address another major issue with diesel engines versus gasoline: the exhaust note. Luckily, some talented tuners are fixing this with incredible skill. Kaege.de’s results in the before/after video below are nothing short of remarkable. Adjustable sound output levels are controlled via the cruise-control wheel stalk — with everything from a light growl to a full racing blatt available! Porsche …

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