2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid Review 16

MEGA Road Test Review – 2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid

2015 Toyota Camry SE Hybrid Review At the new Camry’s launch event in Florida last Fall, we were very surprised to hear the best-seller’s recent powertrain sales mix. With such a gem of a 3.5-liter V6 available and pushing sprint times to the low 6’s, that would be our choice Monday through Sunday. And such a smooth and effortless hybrid available too, with almost no downsides except a very-slightly smaller trunk? These two premium powertrains have recently each pulled just 10-percent of overall sales each, with the base four-cylinder hoovering up 80-percent of the overall mix. Surprising to us as …

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Camry trims gif4

2015 Toyota Camry Colors and Trims – Visual Buyers Guide

  For perhaps the first time ever, there is a huge amount of style variety in the best-selling Toyota Camry lineup. After writing up full XSE and XLE reviews, we realize that a trims and colors guide would be really helpful for many prospective owners. To achieve that, we spend a while on Toyota.com getting eerily familiar with the seven trim designs  — screen-shotting it all along the way! (There are nine price levels, but seven distinct flavors thanks to the V6 option for the XLE and XSE)   Below please find the visual trim comparison, XSE color guide and …

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