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VIDEO and Photos – Bailey Ferrari P-4 Replica Running 400i V12 + Flat-6 917 Porsche Replica Too!

A day that fires up with GT40 V8s and ends with Ferrari P4 V12’s? What could be better? Sure, both the cars in question are recreations – replicas of these arch-rival racecars that are remade in 2014 just a bit better (we would argue)  than was possible in the 1960s. But even so, they are a wonderful time-capsules and even time machines for many – these cars were in their racing prime when color photography was rare enough to not know the difference between Rosso Corsa and Gulf Blue. This was racing at modern speeds — with decidedly vintage technology. …

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GT40 vs Cobra Track Battle VIDEOS! Superformance Brings American Racecar Glory Global via Shelby Asia

Superformance Ford GT40 – in-car track cam Editor’s Intro: Can you tell I am getting excited to visit Olthoff Racing tomorrow in Charlotte, NC?   Have you ever wished you could just wake up tomorrow day inside Gran Turismo?  Or even better, in the pit lane of Daytona circa 1965 ? Well beyond 3D — and into 4D of not just SSM (sight, sound and motion) but SSMTSFG — Sight, Sound, Motion, Touch, Smell, Fear and Glory? Well, for a modest amount of cash and enough skill – Superformance racecar recreations can do just that. These two videos demonstrate the …

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PurSang Argentina Shows Innovative Marketing with Street-Parked 1920s Bugatti GP Car

Amelia Island this weekend was sensory overload. But most of the really high-dollar machines came with their own cadre of security — making this Bugatti’s solo parallel parking even more curious. Between the Porsche driving demos and the Infiniti test drive booth sat a lovely 1920s Bugatti for many hours each day since Thursday. Uncovered, unguarded — and, of course, certainly mobbed by the curious almost every minute. After all, is this not the exact Type 37 that was well-guarded inside RM’s indoor showroom? [On further research, I believe the photos show a Type 35B Grand Prix, versus the Type …

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Concept Flashback: Zagato Draws A Blank Trying to Make 2012 BMW Z4 Roadster and Z4 Coupes Sexy Again

The 2012 BMW Z4 faced a real crisis of confidence. While overall roadster sales have fallen off a cliff since 2009, the Z4’s problems are even more severe.  From an all-star BMW style icon … into a niche-within-a-niche model that tallies sales in the hundreds per year? But was the styling of the fourth-gen car partly to blame? The original Z3 was such a smash hit – I can clearly recall being smitten with this humdrum four-banger roadster. Even on steel wheels, it look fantastic. Even with just a 20-second James Bond Goldeneye cameo its only claim to fame at …

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New Supercar or Vintage Racecar: The Case for Recreations + Quiz: Which is the Fake?

Here is the case for exotic, hand-crafted replica vintage racecars: They Exist. They did not hit the walls, or churn tires through bodywork, or reek of urine. They start the first time, and can be titled and driven on the roads. At Motor Classic & Competition in Westchester County, New York — the all-time best hero racecars come back to life, rumble onto 2014 streets, and perhaps even find a home in your garage. Most race-winning examples of anything need to be treasured and preserved; maintained and respected. To put it in plain language: the GT40s in this article are …

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Tempted? Superformance 1966 Ford GT40's Are Virtually Flawless

These two devils play a wicked trick on the brain at first sight. Their unique blend of original and modern Ford GT cues really sets them apart on the roads – even when that giant V8 is not howling away. Priced from $150,000 each, these are recreations of Ford GT40 LeMans-winners. But these cars have a few aces up their sleeve to make up for their lack of pure vintage credibility: speed, presence, and ease of use. They are also easier to drive on the street, with updated emissions and other helpful concessions to road use. The sense of occasion …

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