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Euro Supermini Cars – 2014 Toyota Aygo is Furious With You. Yes, You. Who Else?!

Alternative headlines? 2014 Toyota AYGO’s New Face Says… “AYGO-nna Kill Yo’ Ass!!” Or maybe the 2014 Toyota Aygo is saying…. “I Gonna Run You Over Now!” We are not sure, but the new Aygo seems very, very unhappy about something. Will the Aygo’s scowl inspire the Hyundai “Uhoh” ? As in,“Uhoh you guys. Here comes Aygo. And she looks pissed…” Maybe the Aygo is just frustrated after working so closely with Peugeot Citroen on this collaborative project? Whatever the reason, I’m sure Aygo will make pedestrians think twice about jaywalking. Euro Supermini Cars – 2014 Toyota Aygo

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Citroen DS Brings Parisian Street Style to Beijing with DS 5LS — 5LS R Version Packing 300HP!

Citroen and Peugeot are hugely popular brands in China. But so far, the cars on offer have not achieved the market share to go along with all that admiration. Step forward, Citroen’s high-fashion DS brand. With a logo that looks like French designer couture, the exteriors and interiors of many current Citroen models become far more stylish and appealing. The 5LS sedan is a great example of Citroen’s re-alignment toward not only having a fashionable brand, but selling hundreds of thousands of that car in China’s extremely competitive market. WIth every brand on Earth trying to tap the same “Cuppies” …

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