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2019 McLaren-Honda F1 Racer Rendered With Gorgeous Closed-Cockpit Canopy

  Andries Van Overbeeke’s third set of future F1 car designs is his most intriguing yet — thanks to a subtle tweak up top and a revolution down below. Up top in the Overbeeke F1 McLaren-Honda we have a closed cockpit for the first time. No F1 car has run enclosed in the history or the event. Shaped like a fighter jet canopy, this forward-hinged cockpit promises smoother aero at high speeds and enhanced safety in any accident. F1 cars have typically been open for practical reasons. Venting exhaust fumes at first, then allowing drivers to be ejected or extracted …

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2015 F1 Cars Comparo – Infiniti RB11 vs McLaren-Honda MP4-30 vs AMG W06 vs Ferrari SF15T

Formula One is back soon for one of the most exciting seasons in years: with grudges galore, tech battles, pitlane drama and gossip flowing like champagne. A shuffle of drivers sends Vettel to Ferrari, Alonso to McLaren and even a few new boys in the mix. The big four contenders have all revealed their cars for 2015, and while visual judgment of the machines is not a determining factor in their racing success, it is still interesting to see them all side-by-side from various angles. The latest look ditches the old dong-nose style of 2014, thank goodness, and aerodynamics are …

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