British Upstart Eadon Green Aims For Morgan With Black Cuillin Coupe

These days, many startup automotive companies are created to build and craft a futuristic vehicle filled to the gills with technology aimed at disrupting the established order. However, the folks at Eadon Green are doing the opposite, and are determined to bring fierce competition to the benchmark leader of the modern classic genre, Morgan Motors.

Unlike Morgan which has a pedigree dating back to the early 1900’s, you will not find Eadon Green in the dusty pages of a history book. But that is not stopping the London based company from bringing a car to the Geneva Motor Show.

Dubbed the “Black Cuillin” Eadon Green’s teaser sketch appears to preview an elegant coupe that embodies several 1930’s era design elements including the period correct silhouette, long hood, pronounced fenders, and a fast-sloping roofline.

The resemblence to the Bugatti Type 57C Atlantic is very prominent even in this early teaser image, but final judgement will have to wait until Eadon Green releases more images of the car in the weeks leading up to its Geneva debut.

Eadon Green promises to reveal more information about the car over the next several weeks. However, the British Magazine Autocar pointed out that Eadon Green’s logo incorporates checkered flags which is a strong indicator that performance will be the company’s lead focus going forward.

We look forward to seeing more from Eadon Green soon and also hearing more about its long term product plans.

While it is a safe bet that Morgan’s 3-Wheeler will have the cyclecar market largely to itself, Eadon Green could eventually target the long running 4/4 roadster, Plus 4, as well as the Plus 8 with comprable entries over the next few years.