2017 EAGLE Spyder GT – Third Bespoke E-Type Creation – Much Faster than Speedster, Plus First-Ever Ragtop!

The Eagle Speedster and Low Drag GT are two of the most-desirable restomods in the history of the genre. And that label barely does these 100-percent unique creations — reborn of aircraft-grade alloy throughout. Its deliciously widened, streamlined bodywork is shaped lovingly, by hand, in the true old-world master craftsmen tradition. Eagle Speedster and Eagle Low Drag GT Since the roofless Speedster made such a splash on Top Gear, and the Low Drag GT brought its mouthwatering appeal to just a single-digit number of total owners….. we are now in the third part of the Eagle ‘trilogy.’ This new Spyder GT …

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2015 Mercedes S63 AMG ChopTop Renderings

Fantasy ChopTop Renders – 2015 Mercedes S63 AMG is BOSS

For the S63, we explored a few cab-backward ideas as well as a simple roofline cut. But could this be yours on the aftermarket, even with a big-bucks upgrade like the Mansory seen in the profile images? A chop-top conversion is one of the hardest to handle with OEM quality. A widebody is almost exclusively an exterior upgrade, but a chopped roofline requires some serious changes. Roll cages, electronics, cabin trims, doors, doorframes and glass all need to be redone. Not exactly something you can eyeball along the way, or carbon-fiber your way out of CAD-CAM studies in advance. But …

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250 gte

RM Airzona 2015 Preview – 1955 Ferrari 250GTE Low-Roof Alloy Coupe

Anything with low-roof and alloy in the name is almost automatically on our shortlist of amazing classics. But with a name starting with Ferari 250GT — you know you’re on to something special. The cabin of this particular car is outstanding, as is the unbelievably customized two-tone exterior. Very memorable and cool. 1955 Ferrari 250GTE Low-Roof Alloy Coupe   1955 Ferrari 250GT Europa Boano ‘Low Roof’ Alloy Coupe Chassis no. 0447 GT Engine no. 0447 Body no. 19445 220 bhp, 2,953 cc SOHC V-12 engine with triple Weber 36 DCZ3 twin-choke carburetors, four-speed manual synchromesh gearbox, independent coil-spring front suspension, …

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brabus gla gif

400HP, 4.1s 2015 BRABUS Mercedes-Benz GLA Hunkers Low on 21s + Aero Kit

  The strangest part of the GLA-Class and other small crossovers lately is how low they actually are. Is it an SUV? The OEM plastic shields on the fenders say yes, but the mind is not so sure. It has taken 20 years then for the world to catch up to the classic Subaru Legacy —> Outback conversion. Taller springs, chunkier rubber and an Eddie Bauer package outside is all you need to sell thousands of cars a year! Just kidding. (JK BFR = just kidding, but for real.) How to stay ahead of trends and planted in corners with …

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VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Low and Lean With New Springs and Wheels gif

VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Low and Lean With New Springs and Wheels

It has been more than a few years since a C-Class Mercedes was a real pin-up beauty. And for a C220 to look as good as the original C36 AMG!? That is some achievement without changing one body panel or aero piece. These Volker Shmidt Revolution wheels come with a ride height drop courtesey of coil-over springs all around. This might not be our choice — the newly-available AirMatic ride in the forthcoming US-market C400 and C300 is hard to beat! But it would look a hell of a lot better with these hot wheels. VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class …

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Supercoupe Design Shootout Head GIF99999999

2015 SuperCoupe Design Shootout – Lexus RC F vs. BMW M4 vs. Audi RS5

Executive supercoupes are hot as f*** right now. A duo of new entrants from BMW and Lexus really up the ante on Audi’s 2014 RS5 and the forthcoming C63 AMG Coupe that is expected relatively soon on the horizon. Other competitors are plenty in this segment, including the 2014 CTS-V Coupe from Cadillac, the Infiniti Q60 IPL and even the Camaro ZL1 — but these three are ripe for a design shootout because their performance and target markets are so completely mirrored — even more so than performance, the case may be. The M4 and RC F are not even …

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LOW DRAG GT - NEW GIF 11.11.13 Fast

Eagle Low Drag GT – Latest Photos As Fast GIF

Eagle Low Drag GT – Latest Photos As Fast GIF Yes, we know that GIFs are a problem and we like the more than is healthy. The benefits of compression, universal player friendliness and auto-play are a big lure for us. So if you hate GIF’s, please avert your eyes. If you love them, they are totally portable and can be saved like any other image via a right-click “save image file.”   From there, the GIF can be your desktop wallpaper, screensaver, and anything else! For more info, cruise over to lowdrag-gt.com for all the latest details from Eagle. …

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