First Look – 2022 BMW i4 and 2022 BMW iX – These Are The Electric BMWs To Watch For

BMW is typically known for having a lineup of vehicles that try to be the “Ultimate Driving Machine” for consumers. But did you know that the company is also trying to create the Ultimate Green Machine? While the BMW i8 and the i3 were glimpses into the novel engineering techniques that the company was capable of in this segment, they were crude, and the pair were sales flops to boot. This time though, BMW is taking a more dedicated approach to creating an electric vehicle and recently unveiled a small glimpse of the future with the 2022 BMW i4 and …

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2015 Scion C-HR Concept Teases Upcoming Production Crossover – $24k Pricing, Hybrid Option Predicted

Hey good lookin’! Your eyes are not deciving you: this new Scion concept might look very familiar. If so, it is because we have seen it at Geneva and Frankfurt in Toyota guise. The purple and grey C-HR concepts shown so far are exact clones of this Scion for good reason: all tease the same upcoming compact crossover. Priced below the RAV4 and tipped to offer a hybrid engine option, the C-HR is a handsome and on-trend statement of intent for Toyota and its Scion offshoot. This concept is not in the slightest bit production feasible, however, with wild shapes …

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