2016 Lexus GS350 Facelift Brings GSF and RC-Inspired Nose +4WS and Active Intake

The revised Lexus 2016 GS350 is offically sexy in this ultra white paintwork and fresh detailing all around.

Regardless, we love the results of new-shape LED headlights, LED arrowhead DRLs flush-mounted within the painted bumper, and all-new lower bumper and grille look.

This is the GS350 RWD, but an AWD model continues with a $2k bump in price from the $49k base for the GS lineup.

We also expect a revised F Sport trim style for both the GS350 and the GS450h for 2016, as well as for the GS200t discussed below. The fresh GS450h was recently seen at the Tokyo Auto Show sporting a new grille design, triple LED headlights from the RCF and other GSF-inspired tweaks. As of now, the non-GSF cars with the F Sport design pack are still unseen.2016 Lexus GS350 12 2016 Lexus GS350 17 2016 Lexus GS350 Interior 7

Lexus is launching cars at a furious pace this year in support of a winning US luxury sales battle with the German trio. The all-new RX and GS-F are really the stars of the moment,. But the revised 2016 ES and 2016 GS are firmly part of the entire brand renaissance — and are set to arrive in showrooms by early December. The ES just started production in a huge new factory in Kentucky, set up specifically to be the main production site for the global sales charmer.


New design details outside the Lexus sedans are only a part of the 2016 equation, though. The GS450h, GS350 and GS350 AWD are joined by a new engine choice: the GS200t with the 241-pony turbo four from the NX200t.

Eight-speed automatics all around make the most of the power: even the entry-level turbo sprints to 60-mph in just 7.2 seconds.

The GS350 does the benchmark launch in just 5.5 seconds for 2016, thanks to a modest jump of five horsepower to reach 311 overall. Torque is up to 280 pound-feet on the 3.5-liter six, an increase of 22 versus the 2015 model-year.

The GS350 AWD is 0.2 clicks behind the rear-drive model, with the GS hybrid matching it at 5.7 seconds.

A very exciting new tech addition is four-wheel steering on the F Sport. As sampled on the RC350 in Sport Plus drive mode… this rear steering absolutely transforms the car into a nimble corner carver at the twist of the drive modes knob. Lexus also promises a new ‘VDIM kill’ switch… perhaps responding to Clarkson’s critique when testing the RC-F. Fully disabling the traction and ESC has been a secret function until now.

Efficiency is up markedly across the board thanks to the eight-speed shifter and a very slippery 0.27 cD rating — one of the best ever from Lexus.

More rear legroom and larger trunks are bonuses shared by all 2016 GS models, as is the updated safety setup and cabin technology. Impressively, the GS450h only loses a fraction of its boot space to batteries: 16.2 cubic-feet plays 15.9 on the hybrid, which also boasts perfect 50:50 weight balance and 338 total horsepower.


2016 Lexus GS350

2016 Lexus GS350 2

2016 Lexus GS200t2016 Lexus GS200t 1

2016 Lexus GS-F2015_Tokyo_Lexus_GS_F_19C98612611B0CC3F3077D6EE22B0750CA493C0C copy

2016 Lexus GS450h2015_Tokyo_Lexus_GS_450h_6AE27DCF7BDCAE77AB75DC809F96541998CE993F copy

2016 Lexus ES3502016_Lexus_ES_300h_002_00DAE861A721619ACCE043E7CECE0F4227546BF8 copy

2016 Lexus GS350