Geneva 2015 Galleries - The FRENCH 23

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The FRENCH – Renault, Citroen, DS and Borgward!?

  PART FOUR When we found photos of this classic turd named Borgward, we naturally assumed from its hideous design, nauseating paint and unusual presence at a new-car show that it was French. It is actually German Belgian. Sarray. The Borgward design feels like a Karmann Ghia pretending to be a Buick, but less appealing than either. The Bakelite two-tone pastels are never a good idea. Only white with pink details would be worse. What is this? A white and pink Citroen van concept!  Home run, chaps. Time for a white-wine lunch? Moving on… So, why Geneva photos a week …

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iroad grenoble gif

2015 Toyota iRoad and COMS Scooter Sharing In French Grenoble from October 1st!

   This would be a fun addition to any major city: 70 brand-new EV mobility machines from Toyota that can be rented with a smartphone at 27 city locations. Similar to other hourly car-sharing services, but cheaper and quicker and more fun. This is also a great way to introduce people to the EV three-wheeled i-Road and four-wheeled COMS. They are both fresh and clean designs of a car-person’s ideal motorbike: easy, safe and enclosed… with regular steering wheel! They look like fun. No word on the bike’s top road speeds… but Grenoble citizens will surely be flooring it soon …

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