RM Monterey 2015 – Pinnacle Portfolio: Up Close With 21 Exotic-Car Icons

Get ready to move some funds around! RM Sotheby’s just revealed a new entry into the 2015 Monterey classic auction: the Pinnacle Portfolio. 20 of the most desirable and collectible modern and classic supercars. Maserati MC12, McLaren F1 LM Road Car, Ferrari F40 LM and regular, 250GT’s, CCXR Koenigsegg…. the list really is drool-worthy. Each is likely to draw a unique type of buyer, despite them all coming from one very large home before. Check out the high-res preview photos of 21 Pinnacle cars below. RM Monterey 2015 – Pinnacle Portfolio 2015 – Monterey – The Pinnacle Portfolio 1994 Ferrari …

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First 2015 NISMO GT-R Delivered To Winston-Salem NC; Witch Trial Soon?

Is the NISMO GT-R a witch? How else could the car be so insanely fast in a straight line or around any racetrack? It must be witchcraft. Winston-Salem, North Carolina residents are seeking justice today after the first-ever US customer received his dream GT-R this week, rendering all other supercars obsolete. After all, if it can’t be explained… it must be witchcraft! Sure, Salem Massachusetts is where the original witch trials were held … but the NISMO GT-R has sought a change of venue to secure an unbiased jury. Until a verdict is reached, sales of the 2015 GT-R NISMO …

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