Rolls Royce Cracks The Code With Wraith Kryptos: Edition

It’s no secret that when it comes to customization and the ability to add all kinds of bespoke extras to a car, few can top the benchmark that is Rolls Royce. In addition to their extensive customization suite, Rolls also sells limited edition cars. Each one brings a distinctive flavor to customers, and the all new Kryptos Edition might be the wildest yet.

Based on the Wraith, the Kryptos Edition is the latest addition to the firm’s Collection series. The theme this time around is computer coding, and the process of writing and solving them. In this instance, the Goodwood based luxury car maker took that inspiration to heart, with the Kryptos Edition being inspired by the Kryptos Sculpture that is on display at the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States. The statue was created in 1990, and was infamous for having four encrypted codes carved into it (three of those messages have since been solved.) Rolls Royce engineers decided to follow suit, and have actually developed their own cipher which is prominently embedded on the dashboard, with the hidden text being visible on a metal base that is best . Rolls reps claim that the cipher will play a role in “codifying a journey that only a few will master.”

An equally impressive cipher has been embedded into the headliner, with a special bi-color starlight arraignment helping to display the various bits of text. A dynamic lighting feature allows the pattern to “flow” from the front to the rear of the headliner, while a similar cipher theme has been embossed into the headrests. Other than the model exclusive touches, the bulk of the Wraith’s interior remains largely unchanged, and that should please buyers that love its core charms and world class luxury. Rolls Royce also didn’t go into specifics about performance, but we suspect that means the 6.6 liter V12 engine will still deliver its world class symphony and 624 horsepower to the driver’s right foot.

“The ciphers, hidden in plain sight, contribute to the cryptographic journey through the car. The bespoke collection captivates all onlookers but further rewards those who endeavor to look a little closer, and to master that which goes unseen,” Rolls stated in an accompanying statement.


Pricing details were not released, but the company did reveal that it plans to only build 50 examples of the Kryptos Edition before production ends. There’s no word if any of the 50 examples will reach the U.S. but we suspect the bulk of them will end up with clients either in Europe, or in the Middle East with the latter rapidly becoming a hot market for Rolls over the past few decades.