AVENUE ROCKET Sabino Leerentveld 7

Design Talent Showcase – 2022 AVENUE ROCKET by Sabino Leerentveld

  As the previous Sabino Design concept shows an extreme, deconstructed exoskeleton stripped all bodywork, this Avenue Rocket goes the other direction. A huge and intricate bodywing is made of more than 80 individual spikes, wings and dynamic surfaces. Totally absurd? Not at all. Aerodynamic studies and wind tunnels are only as good as the software and number-crunching hardware used to predict and confirm design ideas as effective. At the current rate of computer evolution, the black air of aerodynamics are about to see the light. Supercars are already leveraging these aero insights in their race upgrades. But what if …

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2020 Puma Boulevard Racer by Sabino Leerentveld 10

Design Talent Showcase – 2020 Puma Boulevard Racer by Sabino Leerentveld

LocalMotors.com is not just the hub of a budding OEM manufacturer of trucks, motorcycles and trikes — but actually a full-fledged design community. Collaborative engineering and project management takes a huge hive of intellectual capital. It is fun to browse around the design section of the site to find exciting ideas, fantastic renderings of the future, and draft design projects that will make you gag in horror. Buried deep in the pages, however, you can find some really exciting achievements in design. Stuff that no company or even Gran Turismo concept is doing yet. Such is the Puma Boulevard Racer …

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