Cadillac Dare Greatly CT6 Teasers 1-tile

OP_ED Part 2 – Cadillac #DAREGREATLY Campaign Previews 2016 CT6 Limo + de Nysschen Progress Report

  It is so irritating when writers quote themselves. Drives me nuts. But this one is very, very relevant. On July 3rd, 2014 – we jotted out the below Editor’s Opinion article attempting to diagnose what was making Cadillac feel so ill. We scathed… This really is not an old-man brand anymore. But sadly, it is definitely run by losers. Not losers in life, mind you. They must be smart and successful – but they are definitely, definitely not cool people. They live in Michigan and are sheltered C- and D-county (aka, rural) people who have never even stood on …

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hotchkiss gif

Pebble Beach Concours – 1911 Hotchkiss AD Amiet Enclosed Limousine

  Paris-based Amiet bodied this Hotchkiss limo in 1911 — more than 30 years after Connecticut industrialist arrived in France to set up a military armaments factory. The competitors for the Hotchkiss would have been the Benz wagon. Looking like a stagecoach was a nice ‘in’ to gentrified society buyers. These folks had long traveled within enclosed coaches, leaving the rain and smells of the city to the driver up front or simple farmers. For a sense of what the hoi polloi were traveling in? See the steam-car nearby for context! After more than 100 years, this original Hotchkiss limo …

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