2020 Toyota Avalon XSE Hybrid by Ben Lewis

It’s interesting how different technologies develop over time. A perfect example is the Hybrid car. With the original Prius, it was a technically interesting, but pretty agrarian little vehicle. Slow and a little clunky, it got very good gas mileage, but you had to be committed to the cause. Come round 2, and Hybrids got better, with little penalty to the driving experience, excellent gas mileage – our 2019 Prius tester averaged over 50 mpg! – but the appeal of hybrids remained in the camps of eco-friendliness. But now the Hybrid has another trick up its sleeve – it’s now …

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2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY 20

Buying a car? Top tips for the best buying strategies

Buying a new car, whether it’s straight from the factory or something second-hand, is always going to be a large expense. With the right planning in place though, you could reduce your costs and make the process much easier on your wallet. There are some tried and tested strategies and tips when it comes to finding the bargain car of your dreams, and you don’t need to put in a lot of work either. Take a little extra time over your car purchase, and you could soon be on the open road with a little extra money in your pocket …

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