Buying a car? Top tips for the best buying strategies

Buying a new car, whether it’s straight from the factory or something second-hand, is always going to be a large expense. With the right planning in place though, you could reduce your costs and make the process much easier on your wallet. There are some tried and tested strategies and tips when it comes to finding the bargain car of your dreams, and you don’t need to put in a lot of work either. Take a little extra time over your car purchase, and you could soon be on the open road with a little extra money in your pocket and driving a car that isn’t going to let you down.

Car auctions for better options

It’s difficult to beat the car auction when it comes to finding the car that you need. Car auctions have always been the best place to buy new cars, and with the rise of online car auction sites, your chances of finding a better bargain have increased by significant amounts. The trick with car auction sites like Auto Auction Mall is to have a firm idea of exactly what you need, and to not go over your budget in the excitement of a bidding war. Be patient, and take your running costs into account, and car auctions could be the first step to owning the car you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Take a drive

No respectable or legitimate seller is going to deny you a test drive, and you should always take the time to try out a car before handing over any cash. There are unscrupulous sellers out there, so be wary if you’re buying second hand. There are some important points to check when taking a car for a test drive, but you should pay particular attention to the car’s ability to make emergency stops, as well as making certain that the handbrake works when parked on hills. Make sure too that the doors are all functional, and that there are no suspicious sounds coming from the engine or the brakes. Rattles and buzzes could be a sign that there is something wrong with the car, and that could mean additional expenses if you’re not careful.

Check your extras

If you’re buying from a dealership, then you’re going to be bombarded with additional extras. Some of these can make your life much easier, but it’s always worth having an idea of what you actually need. Those extras can soon bump up costs, and you’ll need to ascertain whether you actually need them or not. Bluetooth radio or alloy wheels are great, but if you’re keeping an eye on your budget and you don’t really need those extras, don’t fall into the trap of just signing up for them. Your budget should be the indicator of what you need, so always be aware of how much you’re going to be spending over a long-term payment plan.

By knowing exactly what you need and precisely what your budget is, you stand a much better chance of driving away with a car that will last you longer and not cause you undue stress. Use these tips to help clarify exactly what you can afford, and you may end up having a much more affordable car and the freedom of a much more comfortable bank balance as well.