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2M Designs Shows Mad Skills Via Mirror Foil Wrap on the Gumpert Apollo S

Wraps are hard to apply flawlessly on a normal car, let alone a hypercar. But a hypercar like the Gumpert Apollo S — with its surfaces bending at wild angles and air vents everywhere? This would be a seriously daunting task for any car customs shop. 2M Designs of Germany really shows its expertise with this project. The results are breathtaking, with a mirror-like finish that almost no paint can achieve. The buyer’s chosen theme was to tie in to the Iron Man movies – but since they are basically unwatchable, I do not know what aspect of the film …

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JAGUAR XF by 2M Designs Shows How To Personalize a Jag With Class

So many German tuners lately! Ahh!!! In honor of the World Cup, perhaps? Yes, let’s go with that. But you must admit: these German tuner cars are pretty outstanding. Versus the small-time DIY efforts that most local shops in America and elsewhere offer – these are relatively holitics ideas for how to make any car a bad-ass beast on the autobahn. The approach leaves no area unaltered, it can seem sometimes. Wheels, engine, interior, paint wraps, springs, tires, brakes, lights, foil designs…. Seeing a before/after of these cars would be even more shocking than even ProActiv would put in their …

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