Volvo’s 2024 EX90 SUV Previews All-Electric Future, Signals Shift In Strategy

Volvo has taken the veil of secrecy off of the 2024 Volvo EX90, which will shine a light on Volvo’s three pillars for its all-electric lineup, technology-driven design, safety, and sustainability which have rapidly become key selling points for other EVs in the rapidly growing green vehicle segment.


EX90, A Flagship For A New Age Of Motoring

The EX90 is supposed to be the new flagship for Volvo’s EV lineup, and it has the size to back up this claim, with all EX90s being built on a 117.5-inch wheelbase with the SUV itself having a length of 198.3 inches which is 3.3 inches longer than the XC90. The front fascia is sleek, and the headlights feature a sharper version of the Thor’s hammer headlights that we have come to love in other Volvo models, with a new vertical bar of lights representing the lightning strike when the hammer is swung.  These lights also open up at night to reveal nighttime running lights.

The sloping roofline is stylish, and it even manages to hide the bulbous LiDar unit to a certain extent. Massive 22-inch wheels come bundled with special inserts to help reduce air turbulence, but buyers looking for something less flashy can opt for optional 20 and 21-inch wheels. The EX90 is also one of a select few in the EV market not to use a physical key, with Volvo using a special digital key app on your phone that serves as the key instead. The EX90 can sense this key up to 30 feet away and make the door handles rise up to greet you when you arrive.

The rear of the SUV takes some of its core design from the C40, especially in the taillights, with the overall look as a whole being a relatively neutral affair; it’s not too flashy, but it’s not too understated either, a perfect balance in some ways.


EX90 Interior Doubles Down On Technology

Slip inside the EX90, and your eyes are immediately greeted by a massive 14.5-inch centrally mounted touchscreen infotainment system. The system comes bundled with Google software, and the setup incorporates Google Maps, Assistant, and Google Play apps in an attempt to enhance familiarity and elevate the entertainment experience for owners. The EX90 is fully compatible with 5G wireless technology, and the audio system actually incorporates some of its speakers directly into the headrests, a growing trend that has been happening in luxury vehicles the past few years and makes us harken back to the Pontiac Fiero and its nifty headrest-mounted speakers.

The rest of the cabin reflects Volvo’s recent commitment to producing sustainable interiors, with the fabrics inside being made out of Nordico synthetic fabric, which is actually made from recycled fibers, while the wood trim is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-approved sites. As a bonus, buyers can also go for surfaces that are sourced from sustainably raised sheep. Recycling also plays a big role here, with the EX90 containing 25 percent recycled steel, 15 percent recycled aluminum, and 15 percent recycled plastic. 


Performance Fit For A King

While the EX90’s primary goal is to coddle occupants in luxury, it can still deliver the goods in performance if needed too. Dual-electric motors power all EX90 models, but they will have two different tunes depending on the model selected. The base model makes 402 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque, allowing this version of the EX90 to make the sprint to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Meanwhile, the performance model makes 496 hp and 671 lb-ft of torque. The beefier numbers help enhance the 0 to 60 time, with the performance version doing the deed in 4.7 seconds.

Both models get their juice from a 111 kWh battery pack which allows the EX90 to get 300 miles of driving range between charges. The battery is compatible with DC fast charging stations and can go from 10 to 80 percent charge in as little as 30 minutes and even comes bundled with bi-directional charging, which allows the EX90 to power select devices in your home in the event of a power outage or even another Volvo EV.

Safety has always been a welcome trademark of Volvo and the EX90 is no exception to the rule. The fore-mentioned LiDar unit we mentioned earlier is part of a broader suite of cameras and radar that uses all three of these features to see the EX90’s surroundings and the driver’s attention and focus to help adapt and keep occupants as safe as possible. The LiDar, in particular, is extremely accurate and can sense what’s in front of it even in extreme darkness or in total sun glare up to 850 feet away. Volvo calls the EX90 “A highly advanced computer on wheels,” and it’s very easy to see why.


When Can I Buy One?

Volvo revealed that it has opened U.S. pre-orders for the EX90 but stopped far short of unveiling the entire pricing ladder. Instead, Volvo reps revealed that the EX90 would be available well-equipped for under $80,000, which we suspect is for the base model, with the Performance model possibly going over $100,000 when fully equipped. The first deliveries will begin in early 2024 with U.S. spec EX90s being produced at Volvo’s factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

The EX90 will also spearhead a new wave of Volvo EV models over the next few years, with the brand aiming to be completely carbon-neutral by 2040.