Ford “Unveils” Seventh Generation Mustang, Confirms Formal Debut On September 14th

It’s no secret that the seventh generation Mustang is coming, and with time ticking away until its unveiling at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, Ford is just now beginning to reveal how it plans to celebrate the occasion with the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise serving as the perfect backdrop for the start of these festivities.


Seventh Generation Mustang Teases The Public At Dream Cruise

Before we get into the meat of Ford’s plans, we might as well compliment them on their boldness with the company bringing a seventh-generation Mustang to the media event with Woodward serving as the backdrop. For those that are wondering, Ford didn’t unveil an uncamouflaged model (where would the fun be in that?) Instead, they brought a heavily camouflaged Mustang tester to Woodward in a bold move to generate some early buzz. But while the layers of burlap, dotted paint, and tinted windows hid alot of the details, there are still some minor things that stick out when you take a closer look.

For starters, the tester appears to be a V8 model based on the quad exhausts and some of the bigger intakes and wheels we saw when Ford took the grey tarp off. However, Ford reps refused to confirm whether it would have a mild-hybrid system attached to its V8 (a long-standing rumor) and instead preferred to focus the conversation on the promotional side of things. Ford had a surprise for people who thought they could also get a peek of the interior, with the windows featuring a very dark tint job to obscure sensitive details. Maybe a next-gen Mach 1 is in the works?


Why Bring A Camofluaged Tester To Dream Cruise?

In addition to the early buzz that the company managed to achieve, the Mustang test vehicle also served as a visual metaphor to the broader plans that Ford has in place. That includes teaming with America’s Automotive Trust and the annual Drive Home event. The latter is a classic car road trip that starts at the LeMay Automotive Museum in Tacoma, WA before it eventually reaches Detroit in time for NAIAS. This year’s iteration of the event will have a Mustang theme, and all the classic Mustangs taking part will be led by the seventh-generation Mustang.

The Ford Mustang Stampede is supposed to be an all-encompassing event, with the procession starting at Ford’s world headquarters in Dearborn before rolling out to Hart Plaza, where the seventh generation Mustang will be revealed. We hope to hear more about the Mustang at that point, including pricing, and performance figures, as well as learn more about some of the updates Ford has made to the seventh chapter of its iconic pony car.