Brabus Crawler Take G-Class To New Level Of Capability, Only 15 Will be Produced (High Resolution Photo Gallery))

Brabus and the Mercedes G-Class go together like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich with the German tuning company producing some wild G-Class-based creations over the past several decades. However, the firm appears to have perhaps found a way to outdo even some of its crazier creations with the all-new Brabus Crawler which pushes things into uncharted territory.


Brabus Crawler Goes All Out In Rock Crawling Mission

At first glance, the Brabus Crawler looks like the end result of spending too much time with a metal cutting saw, but this is more than a chopped-up G-CLass and there’s alot going on here. The chassis is unique to the Crawler and was built in-house by Brabus and is the first such creation to not feature a Mercedes-built factory platform. The tubular frame that replaces it also comes with front and rear portal axles and engineers even added 20 extra inches of ground clearance.

Power comes from a 4.5 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces over 900 hp and is capable of launching the Crawler to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds before it subsequently tops out at a tire limited 100 mph. While it’s not a track darling, the carbon fiber-infused sport seats certainly do a good job creating the illusion of higher speeds and the exhaust is so loud that Brabus had to actually fit it with a two-way communication system to help occupants be able to talk with each other. A digital instrument cluster is also on board, and a massive infotainment screen is standard too.

Buyers looking to add a Brabus Crawler of their own to their fleet will have to act quickly. Brabus didn’t detail pricing (we expect it won’t be cheap) and confirmed that only 15 of these beasts will be produced. These lucky owners will have a very stylish toy to take on trail weekends but they will need to tow it there (the Crawler is not road legal) to get the best out of it. We have included a photo gallery which can be seen below.