2015 KTM X-Bow GTR Is Reskinned and GT4-Ready To Race via Reiter Engineering

2015 KTM X-Bow GTR GT4KTM’s branch-out from its motorcycle core with the X-Bow has created a rapid and fierce bunch of loyalists on and off the racetracks of the world. A simple idea of a carbon-fiber tub, mid-engine dynamics and deconstructed and minimalist panels was such a revolution six years ago — yet today is almost the global supercar template.

From the X-Bow — pronounced CrossBow — came the X-Bow GT and the latest one-make race series, increases to 400-plus horsepower, and even a windshield for those days when you can drive without a race helmet.

The next step for the X-Bow takes the KTM legend into a new era of race-ready engineering and design with the help of the KISKA design consultancy and Reiter Engineering as the racing crew. The result? The new KTM X-BOW GTR.KISKA_Website_Downloads_KTMXBOWGTR_02 KISKA_Website_Downloads_KTMXBOWGTR_02

Purpose built to meet GT4 race rules, this newest KTM mountain-climber is another striking step-change in racing and track-day tech.

Who are KISKA and Reiter Engineering? KISKA is responsible for the overall X-Bow design and its brutal overlapping elements, along with numerous KTM brand development projects over the years. KISKA just launched their latest US design boutique in Southern California last week — so the brand and creative helpers are definitely on the ascent. Think of them like ItalDesign, but with more CAD-CAM engineering expertise and much more grease under their fingernails.

What about Reiter Engineering? This crew is the powerhouse behind the Lamborghini Blancpain GT3 series. Dozens of Gallardo, Diablo and now Huracan racecars are their expertise area. Making supercars into race-winners — not easy stuff.

Combined with this outside help, KTM’s X-Bow GTR is set to scream around the world’s race-tracks this summer with pricing from about $160,000.

The most notable and coolest elements of the new X-Bow GTR are the almost free-standing front wings, the full sheath of the rear and sides, plus a gigantic wing and roof air snorkel.

All of these pale in comparison to the single-piece perspex canopy covering the entire cabin. Internal roll-cage bars are visible in the teaser photos, looking extreme and as hardcore as any race prototype we can recall.

 2015 KTM X-Bow GTR GT4

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2015 KTM X-Bow GTR GT4



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KTM X-BOW GTR starts from April at €139,000!

The joint racing project of Reiter Engineering GmbH & Co KG and the KTM Sportcar GmbH is taking on ever more concrete forms. The first roll-out of the new vehicle is set for February, in March will see the SRO “Balance of Performance” test, and in spring the GT4 racing car will be available for the numerous customer teams that have expressed an interest. As of now, both the name and the price have been fixed: The KTM X-BOW GTR will be available from April at €139,000.

Reiter Engineering owner Hans Reiter is convinced that after many weeks of intensive work that the KTM X-BOW GTR will be ready in time for the “BOP” of the SRO, and indeed “READY TO RACE”: “First of all I have to compliment all those who have been involved at KISKA, at KTM Technologies and the KTM Sportcar GmbH who have all worked without a break, just as my own people have really done a perfect job in the shortest possible time. We are now in the end phase and if we can keep almost exactly to our self imposed, extremely tight schedule, it is looking good. In keeping with this program, the first tests are planned in mid to late February.”

Now that the various development processes are completed and most of the production processes have begun for the many special parts, Hans Reiter is now able to communicate the price of the KTM X-BOW GTR: “At €139,000 we have managed to offer an attractive price for the most modern and safe GT4 racing car on the market. The GTR features the most advanced racing technology, which is normally only the case in higher categories. And in matters of safety, the monocoque technology offers the most unique protection ever in this class up to this point in time. In addition, thanks to the special construction of our latest racing car, the ‘running costs’ are kept within encouraging limits.”

As with all KTM vehicles, Austrian design studio KISKA was responsible for the design development of the KTM X-BOW GTR. The studio also played a key role in designating the new KTM X-BOW as a “GTR”; a class of vehicle with a rich motorsports heritage that possesses much cachet amongst automotive enthusiasts. By creating the X-BOW GTR, KTM is also taking an important next step in the ongoing evolution of the KTM X-BOW. The brand launched the X-BOW in 2008 and the KTM X-BOW GT, which features a wraparound windshield, in 2013. The addition of a third iteration of the KTM X-BOW, one that is fully covered and “READY TO RACE” is the next logical step in the vehicle’s development.2015 KTM X-Bow GTR GT4