First Ride – INDI EV Indi One – Is It The Ultimate Gamer Station?

When INDI EV was founded back in 2017, the basic formula seemed to be a very promising one: make a futuristic EV that would deliver the goods on mileage and enhance connectivity. INDI made a splash this week when they kicked off pre-ordering for the Indi One during NYIAS press days. But is it worth the sum of its parts?


First Ride Gives Mixed Impression

To find out, we made the trek down to the EV test track (after a brief stop at INDI’s booth) to have our chance to ride in the futuristic crossover.

The exterior styling of the Indi One is bound to draw plenty of stares, with its clean lines accenting its traditional crossover shape. The rear of the CUV incorporates a lit-up INDI logo and a unified lightbar which makes up for the rather drab-looking rear bumper. INDI will eventually offer nine different colors to choose from, but our exposure was limited to the two stalwart hues (white and black.)

The Indi One is supposed to be a competitor for the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and while the shape is on point, the look might blend in too much with the background despite INDI’s claims that every inch of the design promotes freedom and choice. That might be a detriment to the Indi since some EV buyers are looking to make a styling statement versus going for formal fuel economy.


Minimalist Indi One Interior Uses Gaming Tech, Green Materials

Slip inside, and you are greeted with an interior that meshes eco-friendliness with slick technology. Environmentally sustainable materials are used throughout, and the back seat is a comfortable place to spend time, especially with the ambient blue lighting in play.

The backseat is also where buyers can play video games thanks to a gamer-centric VIC computer and a nifty controller and VR headset. While pre-production bugs kept the system from working properly during our ride, there was no excuse for the VR goggles not having the ability to work with eyeglasses which serve as a barrier for visually impaired people (like this author) that might want to give the feature a try. The rest of the dashboard is awash in screens in addition to the centrally mounted screen for the VIC. A digital instrument cluster is within the driver’s line of sight, while a matching 15-inch screen is reserved for the front seat passenger.

Look past the Vic’s behavior, and the Indi One managed to make up some lost ground with its 43 cubic feet of cargo space and the large panoramic roof-mounted glass roof. The cabin can also haul up to five passengers, making for exciting multi-player scenarios when playing video games in the back.


Indi One Pumps Up The Voltage With Performance

Our slow-speed ride didn’t push the envelope on performance too much, but when allowed to operate in the real world, the Indi One is capable of some potent performance.

Indi One buyers will choose either a 45 kWh battery pack good for 230 miles or a beefier 95 kWh pack that gets up to 300 miles of range and can rocket the Indi One to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. That latter figure is right on target with the Tesla Model Y, and the 475 hp on hand in the 95 kWh model is also within striking distance of the high power figures that we have seen in select versions of the Model Y and even the Mach-E GT. The Indi One also comes packed with safety, including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and even a novel HALO drive system that plays a role in bringing all of them together though INDI didn’t reveal the complete specifics of the system during its press conference.


When Can I Buy One?


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INDI EV used the New York Aout Show to formally announce that they have begun pre-ordering for the Indi One, with interested buyers needing to place a $100 deposit to secure their spot on the order list. The base model will start at $45,000, while the beefier range-topping model will start at $69,000. Both models are covered by the federal government’s $7,500 tax credit, with a portion of each reservation going towards the Global Green organization.

As mentioned, more exterior and interior hues will be available, but for now, only black and white will be available, with the interior retaining a black and white shade only at launch. Deliveries are slated to begin in the 2nd half of 2023, and we look forward to having a more formal opportunity to check out the Indi One in real-world driving to get the complete picture of what it can bring to technology-driven young buyers.