Dodge Unveils 2022 Dodge Durango Mopar Edition, Hits Dealerships In 2022

SEMA is typically associated with wild one-off concepts and is usually the one time in the year where engineers are only limited by their imaginations in creating a concept. Stellantis used the occasion to unveil a small army of concepts that cover a wide range of themes but were not necessarily green-lit for production. However, that’s not the case with the 2022 Dodge Durango Mopar Edition which adds some custom style to the Durango and will be available to buy in 2022.


Mopar Edition Durango Is Back In Black, Features Custom Touches

The exterior changes here on the Mopar Durango will be very familiar to those that have seen other Mopar Edition models with the jet black paint being contrasted by an offset mounted blue stripe. Blue badging is also on the menu and the hue also makes its way to select components including the brake calipers. Dodge will be offering the Durango in two colors (DB Black or Whiteknuckle White) and some of the exterior’s sinister vibe also gets passed on to the interior with the blacked-out leather interior featuring blue contrast stitching, bold Mopar logos on the seatbacks, as well as darkened trim on the door panels.

The Durango interior as a whole is starting to age somewhat but the Mopar Edition does a good job of hiding some of the wrinkles and it manages to inject its own distinct personality into the Durango. The Mopar Edition uses the Durango R/T as a base and as a result, it comes bundled with the bulk of its equipment including the 10.1-inch Uconnect equipped infotainment system and splashes of luxury equipment.


Performance Upgrades Signature Trait Of This Flavor Of Durango

A key ingredient of the Mopar treatment has also carried over unchanged from other Mopar Edition efforts with this Durango arriving with some light upgrades. The 5.7 liter Hemi V8 is still present and accounted for but engineers have added a cold air intake as well as a tweaked exhaust system that’s designed to help improve the Hemi’s soundtrack versus adding any power to it. The suspension has also been lowered one inch and is supplemented by the same adaptive dampers that also make their mark in SRT grade Durangos.

Dodge will only be building 250 examples of the Mopar Edition which will add $3,995 extra to the sticker of a Durango R/T. The ordering for the Mopar Edition will open up in the first part of 2022 with deliveries scheduled to take place sometime this summer. With the Durango rumored to be on borrowed time due to the appearance of the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee, this could be one of your final chances to obtain the Mopar Edition Durango before the axe falls on the model.