Genesis Officially Unveils GV60 EV, Drift Mode And Potent Performance Are On Board

The Genesis GV60 promises to bring electrification into the broader Genesis lineup, and while the GV60 concept did a good job giving us a preview of what the GV60 would look like, we were still left in the dark about some of the performance statistics that the EV had lurking under its sleeve. Genesis finally delivered the goods and has unveiled some new details about its upcoming electric CUV


Drift Mode Highlights GV60’s Performance Potential

Genesis only released a handful of new photos for us to enjoy, but the luxury brand made up for it by unveiling a whole host of details that will certainly catch the attention of many EV buyers. That includes performance, with the GV60 offering three different performance options for buyers to choose from. The base version will arrive with a single electric motor that produces 225 hp and is mated to standard rear-wheel drive. That initial figure is a bit paltry at first glance, but buyers looking for more performance can upgrade to the mid-level model which boasts all-wheel drive and two electric motors that help bump the combined power figure up to 314 hp.

Last but not least is the range-topping performance model that produces 429 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque. This particular setup will be marked towards performance-oriented drivers and can hit 62 mph in 4.0 seconds via the use of the built-in boost mode. An electronically operated limited-slip differential helps send optimum torque to all four wheels while an all-new suspension system (dubbed the Genesis Electronic Preview Suspension) uses a camera and the navigation system to recognize and prepare for the impact of bumps via the dampers. This helps improve the ride and reduces their impact in the cabin.


When Will We See It In Dealerships?

With this latest slice of Genesis news being focused on delivering some of its raw specs, Genesis chose to keep more trivial matters like distribution and pricing to itself, but look for the GV60 to follow its other bandmates in both of these areas. The first models would initially go on sale in Korea first before they trickle down to the rest of the world shortly after. Also, look for final pricing to reflect some of the vehicles that the GV60 has in its crosshairs including the Tesla Model Y as well as other rivals in what’s shaping up to be a growing pool of offerings.