2022 Nissan Frontier Shows Off Nismo Off-Road Parts At 2021 Overland Expo

Nissan first promised a whole suite of Nismo branded accessories for the 2022 Frontier when the revamped mid-size pickup made its global debut earlier this year. But the company kept the bulk of these accessories under wraps, until now, with the company debuting the first wave of these accessories at the 2021 Overland Expo.


Nismo Parts Trail Ready And Eager To Please

The Frontier that Nissan will have on display at the event comes loaded to the brim with accessories. It appears that the truck has even more accessories than the original number that the company announced late last year. But while we’ll have to wait another day to solve that mystery, we can still talk about some of the useful accessories that make an immediate first impression. A prominent one that will be very useful to owners out on the trail is the Nismo Off-Road Overland Bed Rack. Unlike other racks, this one was designed with the Frontier in mind and is designed to work with the existing Utili-Track system already mounted on the Frontier’s bed. The powder-coated steel contraption is available in high and low sizes, and as a bonus, the rack is even compatible with 2005-2021 Frontiers. 

A roof-mounted tent ( a must-have for any off-roader) is also installed here, and when fully erected, it features three windows for air circulation and a wall-to-wall mattress. Nismo off-road 4-inch lights help light up the night, and we like how the bulb cover has a tiny Nismo script that runs across the center of it. The lone performance upgrade announced for today is a Nismo Off-Road Performance Exhaust system. As the name implies, the stainless steel exhaust system was designed for trail work but can still deliver what Nissan reps call “a sporty and deep sounding exhaust tone without excessive cabin noise or droning.” Ease of assembly will also be the hallmark of this particular component. Nissan reveals that the reworked plumbing can bolt right into existing parts of the stock exhaust system with no special modifications needed. 


When Can I Equip These Parts Onto My Nissan Frontier?

If you’re a Nissan Frontier owner that’s eager to get some of these parts for your rig, Nissan has your back, with the Japanese auto giant selling the pieces not only through dealerships but also through the Nismo website. The lone caveat, for now, is that buyers will not have an entire catalog of parts to choose from right out the gate. However, Nissan will be fixing this in 2022 when the remaining parts enter inventory and help complete the catalog of features that buyers can look through.