Latest F-150 Lightning Teaser Gives Us A Compelling Glimpse Of Revamped Front End

The anticipation surrounding the 2022 F-150 Lightning is rapidly growing, and it’s very apparent that Ford is positioning the Lightning to be the headline product unveiling of 2021. When we last saw the electrified F-150, we got a shadowy glimpse of its side profile which helped answer some questions, but it also helped sprout a few new ones in the process. Ford is pumping up the teasers and has released a brand new video highlighting the front end of the revived performance icon.


Front Fascia Favors Evolution Over Revolution

Our first glimpse at the F-150 Lightning’s front fascia reveals that Ford designers have chosen to do an evolution of the F-150’s styling versus an outright revolution that would have separated the Lightning from its gasoline-powered cousins. While some of the core elements are shared with other F-150s, a model exclusive light bar brackets the headlights and runs across the top of the grille, which helps unify the whole assembly.

It also appears that Ford designers even slipped in a clever easter egg, with the F-150 Lightning appearing to incorporate the thunderbolt logo into the lights. While it’s not that clear in the video, zooming in with specialized photo editing software helped us catch this particular detail after the fact. Ford recently ramped up its efforts to deliver cool easter eggs with the Bronco family, and it appears that this trend will continue on the F-150 Lightning.


Global Debut Of F-150 Lightning Is Fast Approaching

Thankfully, the 2022 F-150 Lighting debut is not too far away, with the truck making its debut on May 19th via an online unveiling. The truck will then enter full production at Ford’s Electric Vehicle Center in the Rouge Plant, with the first examples rolling their way to dealerships during the middle half of 2022. As mentioned in past coverage, the F-150 Lightning is generating a lot of buzz for Ford, and that actually caused them to bump up their initial production goal by 50 percent. If your looking to catch the live stream tomorrow, we have included a link to the live stream, which can be seen below.