Cadillac Unveils Production 2023 Lyriq, Keeps Show Car Flair And Technology

When we got our first glimpse at the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, it was a pure concept, and Cadillac representatives made it clear that there was still work that needed to be done to make it production-ready. The exterior styling was obviously focused on drawing stares, and the lack of side mirrors would have certainly drawn the attention of the nearest NHTSA official. But after a short wait, Cadillac has finally unveiled the production version, which retains a lot of the show car mystique but with some minor changes to help the formula work better.


Lyriq Exterior Styling Still Looks Like Fine Jewelry

The exterior styling of the production Lyriq retains much of the core DNA that defined the original concept, and at first glance, it might seem like Cadillac designers didn’t do too much to make it road legal. However, look closer, and you’ll see that the concessions to legality are largely found in the finer details. The oversized wheels, for example, are gone, with 20 or 22-inch wheels being the two choices available. The concept also boasted a novel camera system that replaced traditional side mirrors. Sadly like other companies, strict (and draconian), NHTSA regulations forced the brand to use conventional side mirrors. However, this particular feature could still appear in select parts of the world where this kind of rule is more flexible.

The rest of the styling is otherwise unchanged and will also look very stylish depending on which of the two available exterior colors buyers choose (Stellar Black Metallic or Satin Steel Metallic.) The styling here is a very noticeable departure from current Cadillac models. Still, this kind of distinction will undoubtedly play a key role in helping the Cadillac EVs stand out in a crowd, especially as the electrified segment evolves to become an ever-dominant part of the buying landscape. 


Technology Dominates Lyriq Interior

Slip inside the elegantly styled cabin, and you will notice that style and substance are two very prominent pillars inside the Lyriq. Two different interior hues are available (Sky Cool Grey and Noir), and the dashboard comes equipped with a 33-inch LED display screen. Cadillac claims that the screen can produce over one billion colors. It appears to be a highly advanced evolution of the OLED screen technology found in the Cadillac Escalade. An advanced active noise cancellation system is also added, and audiophiles will appreciate the 19-speaker premium audio system.

Cadillac’s release didn’t shed too much light on whether some of its more exotic interior features will see production. Still, we hope to hear more on that particular subject when the Lyriq’s official launch date nears, but we do like how Cadillac designers have balanced out the splashes of wood and metal trim in the cabin, which further enhances its sci-fi looks.


Potent EV Performance

Buyers wondering whether the Lyriq will have the muscle needed to match its stylish canvas will be pleased to know that it won’t be a slouch in this regard. The Lyriq will be built on GM’s modular electric car platform with the company’s Ultium battery technology providing the juice and the range for the electric motors. Cadillac reps revealed that a “Performance” edition is coming later, but for now, all Lyriq’s will come equipped with a 100 kWh setup which allows the SUV to make 340 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque.

Along with this potent muscle, the Lyriq will also have equal amounts of range, with Cadillac claiming that the current setup is enough to help eke out a 300-mile driving range between charges. Speaking of charging, Lyriq owners will be able to charge at 190 kW DC fast-charging stations, which allows the Lyriq to recover 70 percent of its driving range in just 10 minutes. A 19.2 kW home charging station is also available (standard on First Release models), but as expected from such a thing, it does slow down the charging a bit, with the Lyriq getting 52 miles of range per hour.


When Can I Buy A 2022 Lyriq?

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, Cadillac revealed that prospective buyers won’t have to wait too long with the Lyriq slated to begin production early next year. Buyers can get ahead of the game later this year when Cadillac opens up ordering of the First Release model for customers. The base Lyriq will arrive a little later and will have a base price of $59,990.

We look forward to seeing how the Lyriq performs in sales, with the sleek Cadillac going to battle against rivals like the Tesla Model Y, Audi E-Tron, and the Jaguar I-Pace