2.8s McLaren P1 — 38 New Photos from Bahrain GP Course — Triumph Over LaFerrari Almost Guaranteed

The McLaren P1’s mission is clear: world hypercar supremacy.


McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP GIF

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And for the P1’s dynamic beauty in these latest photos, we’d say they are on the right track!  (No pun intended…)

A few things are noticeable in these photos, which all may owe a debt to McLaren’s deep racing expertise:

— The car is absolutely flying in these photos!  Serious 10/10ths driving in many cases, which is nearly impossible for amateurs to photograph as well as McLaren has. Clearly, this snapper has some F1 racing photo skills that we must bow to and respect.

McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP GIF 2

— The P1 is in final, final validation testing all over the world: but the car is also firmly in production already. Any tweaks will be handling, electronics and driving character-based.


— P1 has first-mover advantage versus LaFerrari.


Production versions of Maranello’s first hybrid hypercar are oddly off-the-radar lately, which is unusual for Ferrari — who typically like to Hoover as much limelight as humanly possible with any new flagship.

LaFerrari Mechanicals Builder Animated GIF

Our casual observer’s theory? The LaFerrari was sent back to the engineering lab after it real-world pace was well off the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. Or the batteries are causing some unexpected issues. Or Both.

mclarenp1bahrain31 mclarenp1bahrain98 mclarenp1bahrain597 mclarenp1bahrain707

— The P1’s Motor Generator Units already power all the Renault Spark SRT_01E cars for the debut Formula E racing series. All Formula E teams will use a variant of the Renault Spark for 2014’s season starting in September.  This means McLaren is monetizing the P1’s tech in some unexpected and innovative ways even before its first customer deliveries.


— New McLaren infotainment system is Android-based and operational even on these prototypes, thank-you-very-much! In contrast, the 12C’s portrait-nav system was not ready in time to launch the car with it.

This P1 uses a second TFT panel in the main dynmaic gauges, helping alter the car’s info display to suit conditions (and have display needles that can keep up with these engines!)

McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP INTERIOR GIF

As the above feats demonstrate: deep Formula One experience at McLaren continues to pay huge dividends via stunning pace: both in production-engineering of this beast as well as the beast’s huge presence once complete.

McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP GIF

No foot-dragging or pontificating is allowed in Woking, and it shows in the P1!

How to make P1 even sexier?

— We do still wish to see a P1 with a painted lower front bumper, however, to erase some of this car’s creepy Cheshire grin.

— There is still some major ass droopage in back when the spoiler is down completely. We’ll research if there is a middle setting for just cruising around at non-race speeds, as well as seeking fully-painted configurations for a future spec/buyers guide piece!

mclarenp1bahrain634 mclarenp1bahrain14 mclarenp1bahrain506 mclarenp1bahrain295McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP GIF 2 McLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP INTERIOR GIFMcLaren P1 Feb Photos Bahrain GP GIF