2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime XSE AWD Video Review by Matt Barnes

2021 Rav4 Prime


The Rav4 Prime is Toyota’s plug in hybrid version of the Rav4. It has the most horsepower and torque and is the quickest Rav4 we’ve tested. Our test model was a Rav4 Prime XSE AWD. The base price is $41,425, but our tester was nicely equipped with premium audio ($1,650), Weather Package (375), Special Color ($425), Premium Package ($3,765), and a few other minor things totaling $731. Throw in the $1,120 destination charge and the total MSRP of our tester was $49,461.

The Rav4 Prime has impressive driving chacteristics and is fun to drive. We enjoyed our time silently, except for the alien noises to let pedestrians know a vehicle is approaching, cruising around the suburbs. If the Rav4 is the right size for you, then the Prim is certainly worth a look!


Taking the Rav4 Prime Off-road