Polaris SlingShot Teased Again In Pair Of New Videos [Videos]

Last week, Polaris teased the next iteration of its hot selling Slingshot with a brief teaser video, as well as a lone teaser image showcasing its reworked front fascia on its consumer website. Understandably, we were eager to see more details, and Polaris has delivered the goods (sorta) with a pair of all new teaser videos that highlight some of the finer aspects of the 2020 Polaris Slingshot.

Like in the first round of teasers, we get a chance to once again see the new front fascia, which pitches its rounded headlights for a new set that are a better fit for its angular design cues. Under those headlights are another set of stylized lights that help give the Slingshot a serious scowl that amplifies its fun loving mission in life. A glimpse of the rear wheel is also present, and It appears to be a new design versus what we have seen in other Slingshot iterations. However, the money shot here has to be our first glimpse of the interior. When we say glimpse, Polaris really took that to heart with the first video only offering a brief focus on this area. For instance, the driver pushes a reworked start button to awaken the trike which appears to ditch its centralized location, and is next to the traction control and hazard light switches. A leather wrapped steering wheel appears next, and the tweaked tiller features satellite mounted controls and a tweaked spoke design which is a big improvement over the more basic wheels seen in the 2019 model.

A new gauge cluster with a digital display is also visible, with the change suggesting that the interior will see a whole host of refinements for 2020. We hope that includes charging ports or even a traditional 12-volt outlet for car-chargers so people can charge their phones without resorting to the aftermarket, and also be able to utilize the Bluetooth capability of Ride Command to its full potential. We suspect that the basic platform will remain unchanged however, so look for the basic core elements of the interior and the exterior to remain firmly in place for the 2020 model year. A turbocharged four cylinder is also possibly lurking underneath the tweaked bodywork, but it is unknown at this point whether Polaris will continue to use GM powerplants, or if the company will get the goods from another automaker.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see the full suite of changes Polaris has in store for the 2020 Slingshot, with the company planning to reveal the model on January 14th. The company is operating a countdown on its consumer website in the meantime, and we suspect that more details, images, as well as answers to some lingering questions will be found there.